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This week the show starts off with pretty much everyone’s worst nightmare a plane crash. The plane catches on fire and the pilot manages to land the plane in the water. However, we find Athena staking out the house of that little girl and enters the yard on the pretense of a noise complaint from one of the neighbors. Upon entering the yard, Athena sees the little girl put something in her purse. She finds drugs on her and arrests her. Now, I will admit, I did kinda cheer that part on a bit inside. However, we know that will not be the end of it. Spoiled rich kid thinks she can do and treat people how she wants cause daddy will come to the rescue every time. Well, the parents make it down to the station and being arguing and threatening Athena and she schools them on her daughters behavior. Basically calling her daughter a heathen with no home training. Agreed. Her dad tells her his going to get a trial lawyer and Athena tells them she arrested her for having drugs on her. They counter back with all this mumbo jumbo but basically don’t deny their daughter is the spawn of Satan.  While having this fight, the emergency call comes in regarding the plane crash and they head to the scene as well.

So, plane has crashed and most of the passengers died but they are working hard to save those that survived. While at work, Abby gets a call from one of the passengers on the plane, Dale. He explains that he wants to leave is wife a message because he may not make it out alive. While he’s talking the line cuts out and Abby is horrified and sadden. The team is trying to rescue everyone but a mother is trapped on the plane by her legs. Bobby ensures her, he is not going to let her die no matter what. The mom explains she died once before and she fought like hell to get back to her son and that she didn’t want to leave him without a mother. Bobby tells her that he’d give his life to save her life and that he will get her out.

Meanwhile there is a disturbance call at the airport about an unruly passenger. Athena heads to plane and when she boards she sees that the passenger has been bound and gagged with duck tape. The passengers are complaining about having being left on the plane for the last 8 hours but the airport police explain its policy. Well, one of the passengers recorded the incident and Athena decides it was unjust and decides to arrest the man so he can exit the plane. The airport officer tells her it is the CEO telling him that no one can exit the plane due to possible terrorism that caused the other plane to crash. Athena doesn’t care she deems it inhumane and as a way to get everyone off the plane decides to arrest every one to get them off and the passengers cheer.

Back to Abby, she is trying to find out if Dale survived so she calls Buck. He asks around and learns that Dale didn’t make it. She locates the wife so that she can hear the call he made to Abby. The wife listens and Abby feels incredibly sorry for her. We cut back to Athena and the captain has called her in the office to discuss some things with her. First she tells her that she probably would have done the same thing with the passengers but the issue with the girl is the problem Athena has abused her power and has caused some trouble for the department. Even though her captain agrees she cannot tolerate her actions and she now has to ride a desk as punishment. Her captain tells her she will try and help any way she can but Athena was out of line. Knew that was coming. But as a parents rules don’t apply when our kids are being messed with. Mama bear comes out to protect her cubs.

Abby finally returns home after a long day at work and she is clearly tired. Carla can see that Abby is tired and offers to stay to help her with her mom so Abby can gets some rest. Instead of Abby taking her up on her offer she snaps at Carla and tells her shes a grown woman. Her mom tells her she has been like that since she was a baby and Abby falls asleep to the lull of her mom’s voice. Sometime later Abby wakes up, only to discover her mom is gone. And we fade to black with Abby shouting for her mom and running out the front door…………….to be continued.