Source: Drunk History // Comedy Central

The show that’s turned the art of storytelling upside down and inside out, creator and host Derek Waters has found the winning formula for history fun. Booze + inebriated narrators + literal miming=comedic gold. Waters’s laidback vibe-combined with his willingness to imbibe with his narrators-makes for a fun filled, fast moving 30 minutes of television.

The immensely satisfying part of “Drunk History” is the way it’s willing to poke fun at itself. Waters and his production team choose a topic (some of this season’s include “Great Escapes” and “Legends”) and focus on three figures/historical events related to that subject. Three {USUALLY} very tipsy narrators tell the story with respect to the historical narrative…they normally fail SPECTACULARLY. Trying to watch an episode without laughing is an exercise in futility.

Another boon the show (and the power of Derek Waters) can attest to is the quality of actors it pulls for the literal miming. Oscar® winner Octavia Spencer played Harriett Tubman, actor/comedian Will Ferrell showcased the talents of British spy turned author, Roald Dahl and funnyman Jason Ritter has portrayed so many of the subjects’ protagonists, I’ve lost count.

Season 4’s lineup of talent looks to bring much of the same hilarious, historical spoofing as the past years. Join TGON beginning Tuesday, 9/27, as we try mightily to livetweet  and not bust a gasket using #ThatDrink. We can all toast to that; cheers!