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The Flash: Back to Normal

This week’s episode of The Flash reminded fans of what Barry Allen is actually made of.

First off, Jay/Hunter/Zoom has gone pulled a Phantom-of-the-Opera; he kidnapped Caitin and is holding her in his lair where he plans them to live out their lives in love. It’s about the creepiest thing the writers can do right now, given the couple’s romantic history.

What bothers me, though, isn’t so much the fact that Jay is being a class-A sleaze, but that Team Flash was more concerned with the metahuman of the week than with saving her. Her situation should have been addressed, because it’s impossible to consider that, even with the turmoil of Earth-1 to contend with, Barry and Cisco would forget about her like that.

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While they are busy not worrying about Cait, Barry relearns to live life in the slow lane. Losing his powers takes a significant toll on his self-esteem, making him as dynamic a character as ever. But, when Wells is kidnapped and threatened by a rapidly-aging metahuman with super-strength, Barry knows he’s powerless, but fights him anyways, because he can’t stand by and watch suffering. The Flash takes several beatings before the villain ages himself into oblivion, but it reminds fans why they fell in love with this character; Barry’s got the heart of a hero.

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Sure, it’s cheesy, but we are living in the age of the anti-hero and the morally grey (Daredevil, Deadpool, Iron Man), so a pure-hearted protagonist is refreshing.

Wally West’s plotline was quite similar; he seems to be evolving from the tempermental teenager we met before. Wally demands that he meet the Scarlet Speedster in person to thank him for saving his life at such a cost. He promises not to waste the chance Barry has given him. Wally’s newfound admiration of the Flash brings a whole new element to the show, and could possibly be setting him up to gain some speed force in the distant future.

Finally, the man in the iron mask: totally Jay’s father, right?

Source: CW // The Flash

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