Source: FOX // New Girl

Episode Synopsis:

After being emasculated in front of Cece, Schmidt insists on a manly bachelor party weekend in Vegas, but the road trip goes awry when the guys end up at a desert biker bar and he must put his newfound bravado to the test.

Nick & Schmidt- We start the episode with Schmidt and Cece in the car and them talking about what Schmidt and the guys are going to do for his bachelor party. All of a sudden, Schmidt gets cut off by another driver and gets in a predicament, when the other driver starts yelling at him. After that traumatic experience, Schmidt decides that his bachelor party must be masculine. His plan is for the guys to go on a road trip to Las Vegas. The guys leave the loft and decide to rent a convertible for the trip, but unfortunately, the only convertible they have isn’t quite so masculine. While Nick and Schmidt continue talking to salesman, Winston greets the rest of the crew, which includes Schmidt’s Rabbi, his cousin, “Big Schmidt,” and Robbie. It’s funny seeing that Robbie was included because him and Schmidt were enemies for so long. Even though Robbie still has a crush on Cece, Schmidt now considers Robbie a friend. In the end, Nick and Schmidt pick motorcycles to drive, while Big Schmidt drives the rest of the guys in his minivan. While cruising along, Schmidt starts veering off the road and ends up “falling” off his bike. In the distance, there is a run down looking bar, and Nick and Schmidt decide that they should go get some drinks. They go inside and all hell breaks loose. All the people in the bar are super sketchy and Nick and Schmidt end up making some people mad by ordering drinks with ice in it. It’s just this whole back and forth about the drought in California and insulting beans and nuts. What a random conversation. As a result of all this, a bar fight is started in the back and of all the songs to have a fight to, they fight to Katy Perry’s “Roar.” It was such a weird mix-match of pop music with fighting, but that’s what made the whole situation comical. After all the guys have been beaten up pretty bad, Nick and Schmidt have this great conversation about Schmidt being a good husband for Cece. Schmidt is worried that he won’t be able to protect Cece, but Nick reassures him that he’s always there for him, so he’s already being a great husband. I really liked this moment because of course Nick never pours out his feelings, but since Nick and Schmidt have been friends for so long and are usually fighting about something stupid, they manage to truly care about each other, and I like seeing those endearing moments between them.

Winston– This whole time the road trip is happening, Winston is completely obsessed with his phone. He feels bad that he can’t go to the bachelorette party with the girls, since he technically was made Cece’s maid of honor, but Jess makes sure to inform him about everything going on. He gets a text from Jess saying that they’ve run into Aly, so that makes Winston super intrigued. He wonders if Aly is still dating Trip or if she’s single. At the bar, he decides to drink away the pain, and after helping Nick and Schmidt with the bar fight, he gets a text from Jess saying that Aly is indeed single! Winston can’t believe it and doesn’t know if Aly will feel the same way about him if he decides to ask her out. With encouragement from the rest of the guys, they all head back home, so that Winston can ask Aly out.

This episode was pretty hilarious. It was great seeing past characters and seeing them all bond together. I really enjoyed the bonding that Nick and Schmidt had throughout the episode and even though at this point, it could get annoying with Winston pining over Aly, I was happy when he got the text that she was single. There were some moments that were a little slow for me, but overall, it was a great episode.


3/5 glasses rating