Last week’s Jane the Virgin featured silent movie bits, which was super fun. And also, we finally got some Jane and Rafael action, which was even more fun. Yes, it was only friendly but there’s always hints of crazy sexual tension between the two of them and I’m just biding my time until they hook up and the show becomes Jane the Virgin (wishing this into existence).

Speaking of drama with Jane and her suitors, Michael lost his job because someone on the inside spilled on all of his ties to the Solano family and how it affected his investigation of Sin Rosetro and Mutter. Honestly though, didn’t his ties to the Solanos help him more than hurt him?? Maybe not. Anyway, Michael got a (temporary) job as Rogelio’s security guard, but I’m more worried about his name and face printed alongside Mutter’s in the newspaper. This can’t be a good sign for him.

Because Michael lost his job, Jane had to pick up more shifts at The Marbella (training Anezka!!) and, just by the luck of it, write an essay for a privileged white boy probably trying to get into Dartmouth or something. The problem was this stupid white boy’s mom wanted Jane to actually write his essay–not just help him write it–and that goes against all of her morals! Luckily, she turned him (and $1000 down in the end), but not before crazy Anezka put an ad on the school’s website for her new “business”…which will definitely get Jane in loads of trouble. Can’t Anezka just back off and stay out of everyone’s business?? She’s trying too hard to fit in! What’s she gonna do next?

In Rogeliland, Xiomara asked Rogelio for a part on his show and he happily obliged because nepotism’s the best. The problem is that Xiomara CANNOT act. I’ve never done any professional acting so who am I to judge, but is it really that hard to just say a few lines?? The real important thing that came out of that disaster was that Xiomara found out about Rogelio and Dina, and Rogelio realized she had real feelings for Dina too. And Xo reacted pretty soundly!

Is this the end of Xo and Ro?! Say it ain’t so!

Finally, Rafael and Jane met with a mediator to work out an actual custody agreement with Mateo–it was a little messy, but ultimately, these two really are friendly co-parents. It’s hard to believe these two were ever actually romantically involved, and it’s hard to believe they could ever get back there, despite what I said earlier in this recap. #istillbelieve #teamraf #wouldntthisallbeeasierifyouweretogether #wasthattoohardtoread

We’re winding down towards the end of the season, guys! Only 3 episodes left! What jaw dropping moments do you think are coming up??

(image courtesy of the CW)