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I was slightly disappointed that this week’s episode didn’t follow on from the amazing that was last week. Dorothy and Red made the most adorable couple, even if my recap of it was lost to the nether that is my brain right now. Safe to say however, that I loved it. Yes it’s another story of true love told in just one episode but I cannot wait to see more of the pair.

This week had a focus on different kinds of love. Not only the budding romance between Zelena and Hades but also the relationships between siblings. In the underworld we not only have Regina and Zelena, but also David has yet to meet his twin brother James. But in this episode, that changed. We finally get the confrontation between the twins that we’ve been waiting for.
A lot of this episode focuses around the relationship between Regina and Zelena, both as sisters and rivals. The episode starts out with Zelena on a date with Hades and him telling her that he wants to make chaos with her (leading me to yell at my screen that Zelena isn’t Persephone, she’s Eris) and when his heart is restarted the two of them will go take over the real Storybrooke. I still don’t quite get the heart being stopped thing but I’m going with it. That seems to be the theme in general with watching OUAT. I don’t quite believe what they’ve done but I’m going with it anyway! Hades also reveals he has carved everyone’s name into tombstones so no one can leave.
When Zelena returns home from her date, Regina is waiting for her in true disapproving mother form and the pair end up arguing. Zelena believes that she can help Hades in the same way that Regina helped herself and Robin. With the key difference being that Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor and Zelena wants “to redeem the God of Death!”

With the help of Hook, Regina rescues Cora from where Hades is keeping her and together they hatch a plan to stop Zelena by tricking her into drinking from the River Lethe to make her forget all about Hades. Cora goes to speak to Zelena and apologises to her for all she’s done while Regina slips into the house and spikes a glass of water with the river water. Zelena however sees through this trick and throws the water into the fire.

While this is happening, David and James finally meet. They fight briefly until James knocks David out with his taser and switches places with him. He and Emma go into the forest to meet with Robin at which point James reveals himself, Cruella turns up and in true villain style they tell their plan to the heroes. They want to use the baby to blackmail Hades into releasing them from the underworld. Like that’s actually going to happen. They then decide to throw Emma into the river of lost souls. But before they can, David turns up after breaking himself out of the sheriff’s office. He and James fight and in the end to protect himself and his family, David throws his brother into the river.

In this week’s flashback we get to see young Regina playing with her dolls at home. While she is playing it becomes clear that she is lonely and that Cora doesn’t have much time for her. Regina comes across Cora’s wand and accidentally casts a spell, the backlash of this doing her great harm. Cora realises that the only person who can help Regina is someone who shares her blood and has never met her. To this end she goes to Oz to ask for young Zelena’s help without telling her why. Zelena uses her magic to save Regina and the two become friends. Zelena opens the box that used to contain Cora’s wand and the pair are shocked as the box is locked with blood magic. They deduce that this means they must be sisters and go to ask Cora about it. Cora is angry and disappointed that they have come to this revelation and separate them. She then wipes both their memories of each other.

In present day underworld, Cora realises the true error of her ways as she watches Regina and Zelena argue to the point of it becoming and proper fight. She tells them the truth about what she’s done and restores their memories of each other. The two sisters immediately reconcile and Cora discovers that this was her unfinished business. They go to the cave crossing and say goodbye. Cora crosses the bridge and moves on to a better place. Regina comes to the conclusion that she needs to trust her sister and if Zelena says she can help redeem Hades then she should go out and try and that she isn’t going to try to stop them being together.

Zelena leaves to go on a date with Hades but is interrupted just outside by Gold, accompanied by Pan. The pair of them kidnap her in order to try to deal with the sleeping curse Belle is now under, leaving Hades dancing alone in the diner. He is not going to be happy when he finds out what’s happened! Particularly as Gold still owes Hades a baby.

This episode was very good. As I said, there are moments where suspension of disbelief in terms of how people react to each other is definitely needed. But overall, another great episode.