Did the season finale live up to all the hype?


Source: CW iZombie

This finale gave me everything I wanted and then some. We saw Liv finally coming to terms with her zombie condition and how it effects more than just her self. We also saw Major not only break free from Blaine’s safehouse but returning to take revenge for all of the runaway. This was so satisfying. I really do hope we see more of this new bad ass Major in the next season. We also got to see Liv getting back at Blaine in a very clever way which I didn’t see coming. Both Major and Liv took down Blaine;s zombie empire in a unpredictable way which sums up this shows writing.

“Blaine’s World” was a great way to end a surprisingly strange, yet cleaver new show.Like the rest of the season it mixed action,dark humor and zombie eye candy very well . As well as seeing all these characters going thru a great deal of development from the start of the season. Liv and Major going from just average joes to heroes and Blaine going from a junkie into a “Zombie Kingpin”.

The only issue i had what that I felt the twist with Liv’s brother seemed forced and added in the last min. However overall this was a solid ending which doesn’t disappoint.

This episode not only served as a ending for the season, but gave us a few ideas of what is to come. Will Max Ranger be the new villlian? What will happen to Blaine in his new human life? Will the truth about zombies finally be revealed? Will Liv let her brother die?