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Will & Grace – Whose Your Daddy?

Dear Evan Hansen meets Will Truman and Karen & Grace get stuck in the shower together forever.
Will & Grace - Season 1
Chris Haston / NBC

After a political “first” episode, Will & Grace allows itself to fall back into the jokes and the tropes that made them a hit the first time ’round. The action in this episode happens mostly between Karen & Grace and Will & Jack, with Will having the most fun and Grace the least ever.

So Jack and Will go to a bar together and Jack gets profiled as a Daddy. He is fuuuuming that the youth at the club basically called him old. This is made more painful by the fact that a 23 year old hottie is drooling all over Will. While Will is rubbing this all up in Jack’s face, he heads to Karen’s for some makeover tips. Her makeover tips of course have much more to do with powerful magnets that hold his neck back and very long botox needles. When he heads back to the club with his new botox, magnets, and spanx, Jack is a huge hit. Unfortunately, when the guy comes back to his place, he turns on the lights, gets terrified and runs away.

Will & Grace - Season 1
Chris Haston / NBC

The consolation here is that Will’s date isn’t going great either. The young hottie (heyyyy Ben Platt ILY) is what I imagine 40somethings think 20something millennials are like, which is to say, annoying. He calls Madonna tired and sets Will off. Instead of hooking up with a younger guy like he wanted, Will finds himself lecturing him about Stonewall and Harvey Milk and the AIDS crisis and the gay rights movement. The episode ends with Jack & Will hanging out, and maybe realizing they’re meant for each other?

The other story of this episode is Grace & Karen almost dying in Karen’s shower. After Karen’s maids ask her for a raise, she decides to ask Grace for a raise. Grace laughs in her face and basically calls her useless (not exactly untrueeeeeee…) so they start fighting. In the midst of their fight, Karen says all the wrong buzzwords and activates her shower’s steam, the forever lock, and turns on the water. They’re in there long enough to make up again and for Grace to realize that Karen does bring something calming to her business. They tell each other they love each other and boom Karen’s safe word is revealed to be Grace’s name, which unlocks everything and sets them free.

Grace comes back home soaking wet and will & Jack don’t even realize or question what happened to her.

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