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First of all, I would like to apologize for misleading any of you in a few of my previous posts, I thought the finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was this week, but we’ve actually got one more episode to go–Thank God!

And it makes sense, because there just wasn’t enough build up to a crazy finale last week, but this week, there definitely was. “The Bureau” has left us all in a very nervous state!

Jake, Rosa, and Holt (and Bob Anderson)

With some help from an old cop friend of Holt’s who is now in the FBI (Dennis Haysbert aka the Allstate Man), Jake, Rosa, and Holt were able to make some major progress in tracking down ScarJo (Figgis’ guy in the FBI). After a pretty boring stakeout, the team decided it would be best to break into the FBI to steal this guy’s file. This all led to a great getting-ready-montage which included Terry teaching Jake how to do a pull up, Gina informing Holt of the wonders of Sex and the City, and Rosa doing some pretty intense yoga. Everything went swimmingly once they broke into the bureau–almost too swimmingly. When they found their man, his place had been ransacked and he’d been beaten to a pulp. Our first thought is that this is another one of Figgis’ thugs trying to shut their inside man up, but it turns out that Anderson is also working for Figgis! GASP. How dare you Dennis Haysbert, how am I supposed to trust you strong unwavering voice when you talk about insurance when I know you work for the mob?!

Gina and Terry

Some arrest numbers were leaked from within the 99, so Terry ran around acting like Nancy Drew trying to find out who could’ve possibly leaked them. Gina came along for the ride, obvi, because they’re office husband and wife.  Their first suspects were Scully and Hitchcock (no surprise there) but it turns out they don’t actually talk to other people. Then, in a moment of weakness and frustration, Terry accused Gina of leaking the information AND not really caring about her job. She, rightfully, was pissed. Of course she cares about her job–she’s just naturally aloof and cool because it’s her brand. In the end, Gina was the real sleuth–Terry posted a picture of himself eating yogurt with the arrest records on the wall in the background. Terry loves yogurt.  She then proceeded to make him feel bad for doubting her and bought herself a “Gina I’m sorry for blaming you” cake.

Gina=True Queen.

Amy and Boyle

Amy is still undercover in jail and Boyle is still undercover as her doctor. The problem is she can’t seem to get any information out of Figgis’ sister, so they’re at a standstill. Until, Figgis’ sister lets it slip that she wants to hook up with Boyle and his bubble butt. Different strokes for different folks, right? After an unsuccessful attempt to get down in the exam room (Genevieve interrupted to let Boyle know their adoption went through), Figgis’ sister emerged upset and opened up about her past relationships with Jimmy’s mob guys to Amy.

Which is how we found out about Bob Anderson.

And I am still so proud to see my (other) queen Amy Santiago kicking ass undercover in prison.

Major cliffhanger this week: what will happen to Holt? He’s stuck in that hospital room with Anderson!

See you next week for our final B99 recap of the season! tears