Do you ever have a show that is so good you feel like screaming it out to anyone that will listen? Jasper here does. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

With the belief that night blood has the answers a recon team with Raven, Abby, Murphy his girlfriend, Luna, Nyko and some others head to an island that is supposed to have a top of the line research facility so they can find the answers to Luna’s night blood. Nyko trusts the group but Luna still seems untrustworthy of them and tells Nyko that she might refuse to help them. There are some pillar lines that are not supposed to be crossed, but Murphy saying he never saw a line he wouldn’t cross was the first to go over. When the whole team starts moving they hear a buzzing sound, which turns out to be a drone which pops one of the guards in the head. During a scramble for safety Nyko has Luna covered who is murdered by the drone. One of them is able to shoot it down after 10 shots, but during the attack Luna ends up missing. The group decides to split up into 3 search parties with Raven staying put on the beach because of her knee issues. She tries to get the downed drone as it is still working but can’t fly but can’t get to it without getting shot. Luna uses the confusion to walk to the boat as she looks like she is going to escape. Raven makes her run to get outside of the drone boundaries to stop Luna from taking the boat.

They have a heart to heart about how not everyone in the world is corrupt, like the girl who passed away, she was nice and pure and if Luna wants to help others like her around the world she will help them. Luna ponders it and says she will help Raven with her plan to save her friends because Raven tells her she can’t do it alone. The plan is that Raven will throw some cover fire at the drone and Luna needs to run as fast as she can to get the downed drone and bring it back. Luna is able to succeed and Raven has to hack into the downed drone to try to override the system to get the remaining drones to disengage. Raven is able to succeed, and she tells Luna that it isn’t her blood that defines her it’s her heart. After getting everyone together the group works together and pushes onward and find the underground high tech facility which can help them with the research.

At the capital Octavia is being dismissed from the protection detail of Kain. Octavia is sent back home, Kain is called in to talk to Roan. In the chambers Roan says that he has heard about the plans that Skikru has been doing with the arc. Roan asked for an explanation and Kain said that it was a backup plan, but Roan says that if he didn’t have anything to hide he would have spoken up about it and now that the pact is broken and Skikru and Trikru are enemies and now war is started against them. Roan has Echo kill one of the captors and holds Kain and Bellamy as prisoners and sends people after Octavia and Indra so they can’t warn their people. Octavia is caught by Echo and two other Ice Nation members. Octavia gets cornered against a large cliff, she is able to take out the two other Ice Nation members. Echo and Octavia fight and Echo says that she wants to take her alive, but Echo ends up stabbing Octavia clean through the stomach and Octavia falls off the large cliff into the rushing river water. Echo assumes that Octavia is dead and heads back to the capital. Roan tells Bellamy and Kain that they are going home because Roan is going to take over the arc to protect against the radiation. Bellamy says that Octavia will arrive and warn them about the upcoming fight, but Roan gives the nod to Echo to show the weapons that belonged to Octavia and said that she refused to be taken alive. This absolutely destroys Bellamy who breaks down and cries. The last scene of this episode shows, which is rule number one in a fight with a large fall, is that Octavia survived the attack and fall, her horse found her and woke her up. Octavia was able to get herself on the horse and says take me home.

At the Arc, the plan is still to work on getting the arc together. Jasper found Clarke’s list of 100 names. Monte tells Jasper he knew about it and what was going on. Jasper didn’t like it and tried to get on the intercom to tell everyone about the list and who was on it. Clarke told him to stop and zapped him and had him arrested for breaking and entering. Monte is upset, he understands why his name was not on the list he doesn’t like how the Clarke they used to know feels like she can make a list on who will live and die, getting friends put in a cell. Monte says that Jasper was right that Clarke is not GOD, so he gets to the Rover and over the loudspeaker starts spilling the beans on what is going on with 100 people, and reads out the 100 names to everyone. This understandably creates a huge mess, as some people wonder why their skills were not as important as others, or how people who weren’t as strong in a certain field got to be on the list over higher qualified members. Clarke was saying that the list wasn’t fair, that it skewed to younger females who were capable of having children to keep the race alive got an edge, and Monte’s girlfriend for instance was docked points because she might be a strain on medical supplies based on family history.


Jaha comes to save the day by essentially saying, “Clarke has this all wrong, let’s totally forget all the things she has said and let’s do it this way.” *Mic drop* Photo Credit: The 100/CW

Jaha sees that Clarke is getting eaten alive by the mob, so he comes in and says that leadership sometimes has to make tough decisions, but see this list, how about we forget this list and keep working so we won’t have to worry about a list. If it does though let’s hold a lottery, but to hold the lottery you have to work and earn your chance, you all have jobs and you have to check in every day to work to be eligible. At the end those who have worked every day get an entry into the lottery and 100 names will be drawn if it gets to that point. The mob agrees and Jaha asks who will help work right now and most everyone volunteers. Clarke said that a lottery is risky because you might end up without any doctor, or soldiers, or such. Jaha said that the people needed a reason to work and a reason to believe and this was what they got.