I’ll kill my brother I don’t care. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

Marcus, Octavia and the rest of the escapists from Alexandria make it back to the cave that Bellamy was being held captive at. Bellamy keeps an eye on who is arriving, and notices that the convoy is one person short. He asks where Lincoln is, and Octavia goes up and just starts beating down Bellamy, a few people try to stop the beating, but Bellamy asks them to stand down. Octavia lays a huge beat down on him and tells him that he is now dead to her.

Murphy is still stuck in the capital, and is the prisoner of Ontarie, and is mistaken for her ascension. The leaders want her to recite the lineage line before they will accept her as the leader. Murphy is able to use his quick wits more than once to buy her some time. He told her sometimes you have to lie and it’s better than trying to get in a fight. He says don’t kill anyone as it doesn’t help her, she got upset the second time and gauged someone’s eyes out.

Monte has been compromised, Pike knows that he was a traitor and helped Octavia and crew plan the escape from the jail cell in Arcadia. Monte’s mother turned him in, and his mother warned him that Pike is onto him ad told him he needs to leave, but not make it look like this is a goodbye. So he takes off to find Bellamy, he uses the radio to contact him. Marcus tells Monte to meet at the ship. Marcus, Octavia, and Bellamy head over to meet him. Monte got there first, but he was followed by Pike’s crew and was held as hostage. During the standoff Octavia was shot. Bellamy is told he needs to prove he is apart of the sky crew and he does by telling them where the rest of the runaways are located. He says he can’t give coordinates but can show him where they are at. One the walk there they are surrounded by the grounders. Bellamy turns the tables on Pike, the grounders kill most of the other guards. Bellamy has Octavia tell the grounders that Pike is held hostage and they can take him. They are going to take him to the new leader Ontarie. Marcus shows his branding on his arm and says he is apart of the 13th clan and wants to go to the capital. He is told he can as long as he doesn’t slow them up.

Raven has taken the city of light pill, but realizes it is not a good thing to take. She believes she has found a way to over write the entire thing to get it out of her system. She starts with sensory stimulation overload. The woman in red keeps telling her it has no effect but she doesn’t give up. Raven continues to try to defy the red woman and she has had enough and turns the tables on Raven. She hits her with torture memory stimulation which is getting the better of Raven. Abby and Jasper are looking for bracelets that Raven was asking for to try to get rid of the red woman. Abby is trying to get some help for Raven, but the red woman is able to get Raven to break and takes over her mind. During this Abby is injected and passes out. When Abby wakes up they are trying to get her to take the pill, which she refuses and said she won’t respond to torture. What they instead do is say that someone else will get hurt, and they make Raven slit both her arms unless Abby takes the pill. Finally Abby relents and takes the pill so they can try to save Raven.

The group goes to a brain wash rally and talk about what they are going to do going forward. Jasper sees what is going on and how things have turned for the worse. During the meeting he goes to take Raven with him to escape. He does and gets into a jeep to leave. The woman in the red dress feels Raven’s being moved and the cult goes to look for her and Jasper. Jasper ends up driving through the gate to get freedom but almost runs over Clarke who was back looking for Luna. She was asking a bunch of questions and Jasper didn’t want to hear any of it. He told Clarke that Lincoln is dead, and he told her that he doesn’t understand what part of he is dead she doesn’t understand. By this time the cult has gotten close and started shooting at the truck. One got close to the truck and almost took Raven out, but Clarke goes and kicks him in the chest and goes to close the door. She sees her mom and can see she looks off. The red dress woman says when Raven wakes up she will be able to see the surroundings and they can go and get her and capture the others. Abby says that it is now time for stage 2 now that Arcadia has fallen?!