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What are the chances that that bus really killed Gina at the end of “The Fugitive Pt. 2″?

It’s hard to imagine the human equivalent of the 100 emoji dying in such a tragic way. Especially on a show that spends more time telling silly jokes than doing anything serious.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to showrunner Dan Goor about the incident and all of the reasons she could or couldn’t be dead. Read below and judge the odds for yourself…

Gina definitely did not die because…

“She is the human form of the 100 emoji and therefore indestructible.”
“You can’t kill a phenomenon.”
“She’s a federally protected landmark.”
“The real question is: how did the bus survive crashing into her?”
“Fun fact: getting hit by a bus is totally safe. Please tell your readers that.”
“The only way to kill a Highlander is by removing the head.”

Gina definitely did die because…

“She got hit by a bus.”
“Repeat: She got hit by a bus!”
“Do you know how much buses weigh?”
“That bus was going so fast!”
“Fun fact: Getting hit by a bus that’s going that fast will kill you. Please tell your readers that.”
“Also, she was already a ghost.”