Hello and welcome my Ghosted friends! We had a break last week and from the looks of it, we’ll have a month long hiatus. The next episode will air January 7, 2018 at 8:30/7:30c. I must say, my hopes for the show rise every single week.

G 8.1

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This week, we see Leroy and Max bonding over The Alphabet Game. It is kinda cool seeing them create a game and seeing their comedy develop fluidly. I’ve never seen anything with Adam Scott or Craig Robinson before, so I’m unsure how much is their acting ability and how much is the writers. Either way, it is quite enjoyable. In fact, everyone really brings a nice balance to the team. Except Barry. Still not sure of his purpose in the whole story arch. He can’t be the comic relief character with the two main characters being comedians and Max’s character is also the awkward one. Amy has enough awesome in her pinky than Barry has in his whole form.

We watch as Lafrey secretly pits the boys against each other, telling each they are the new leader but to not tell the other. They are sent out to investigate a young girl named Janie who was on a haunted hayride and suddenly pulled into the woods. Lafrey’s actions cause them to fight more, trying to lead the group but having very differing views on how to approach the investigation. Leroy is always going to be more cautious, while Max is always going to be a believer. Watching them bicker isn’t all that great, but does lead up to a nice conclusion as something grabs Max and drags him into the woods.

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Once they meet up again, it feels like the opening scene again-both are on the same page and Leroy has genuine concern for Max’s well being. Seeing as in a previous episode, he mentioned blaming himself for the loss of his partner, it’s understandable that he would be worried about history repeating himself. Max has a nice opening up moment as he spots the potential ghost, and notices a skeleton and an open grave. He says “I don’t need to be in charge, I don’t even care if you believe me. I just need your help.”

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In the end, they get the body back in the grave, the lid on it and the spirit poofs, almost stabbing Max with an ax. Pretty predictable, but I love Max to death so I am ok with it all working out. Save him getting stabbed later. Still, during the debriefing, Max mentions believing it wasn’t the ax wielding murderer, Byron King (who killed his family with an ax before a mob hunted him down and killed him). No, Max thinks it was one of Byron’s family members who kept grabbing people, hoping they would put the body to rest. Makes sense. Why would a murderer want to stop killing when he is already dead?

Well, I won’t lie. Gonna miss the series until the new year. From the looks of it, we only have 2 more episodes for the season. I wish you all happy holidays and as always, stay shiny my friends!