Well, well, well! Things are definitely coming to a head. We learned the biggest secret of all last episode. We found out that Hannah and Sam had a sexual relationship the resulted in a child name Frank. Looking back over the last 6 season, and season 1 in particular, Sam did treat Frank like crap. But we never really knew where that animosity came from. Was Sam angry because Frank existed and he was a reminder of that time they spent together. He was tormented by it to an extent but he was also not a good guy. I mean he did have Frank kill Lila to cover up the pregnancy. We will probably never know because all we are learning about Sam is after he died.

But what to do with this information? How to proceed forward and use this information to her advantage. Annalise that is. She is preparing for court and psyching herself up to win her trial. And keeping Hannah’s secret may be to their advantage in court by forcing her to testify or that tidbit of information will be released for the world to see. Connor and Michaela are also preparing for court as well. And who pops up, on the first day of court as a surprise witness? The infamous Laurel. Or should we say the backstabbing Laurel. All that Annalise did for her and Christopher and she testifies against Annalise. Truly every man for himself by the end of this show. It makes me wonder though, what would have happened if Annalise had never gotten involved? Could Hannah have had a much influence as she did without her involvement. I don’t know. Maybe she doesn’t know either, but at some point she has to start thinking of herself only, like they are all doing.

Enough psychology. So, Annalise has gotten into Hannah’s head and she has agreed to their terms as long as no one finds out about the child, Frank. I bet Hannah never anticipated that anyone would find out about her incest love child. And I am sure she didn’t think about that when she decided to go after Annalise. All that money Hannah has and she couldn’t bury that horrific secret. In the meantime we go to trial and there are opening statements. The bodies that have piled up around Annalise is crazy. There is no physical evidence it is all heresy and their words against hers. The reason why Annalise is looking so bad is because of her students are lying on her and telling the same lie in order to save themselves. They are the ones who committed the crimes and now are blaming Annalise so they can stay free.

Laurel drops another bombshell, outside of her showing up, she negotiated probation in exchange for her testimony. She tells this to Michaela, Connor, and Oliver. They negotiated 5 years and we can see that there is more to that story. This is learned before they testify. Michaela is first and she tells some bald face lies on the stand. And then Annalise goes in for the kill. Michaela is looking quite stupid on the stand telling her lies. And Annalise plays a tape of Michaela calling ICE to have Simon deported after she said that she didn’t call. Her defense is that it wasn’t her on the tape. All the while Gabriel is in the courtroom and hears everything. She can’t lie and manipulate him. Once again, she runs off another man. Asher, Caleb, dude from DC, and now Gabriel. I think that Annalise has sown the seeds of doubt with her first cross examination on Michaela. She’s so obviously a liar.

Bonnie and Tegan are trying to talk Annalise out of conceding to Hannah. They all think that it is a bad idea, but Annalise’s freedom and her career are on the line. Hannah still thinks that she has room to negotiate and clearly she does. But as we know Annalise is not one to take things laying down. Annalise gets inside Laurel’s head and tries to get her to tell the truth on the stand. Everyone is blaming Annalise for Sam’s death. Telling her she needs to take responsibility for her actions. The audacity. Shouldn’t they get on the stand and tell the truth themselves. Take responsibility for your actions huh? Take your own advice. She is quite self righteous as well with blood all over her own hands. Even though she wont

The last few minutes of the episode leaves us with our mouths hanging open. The first is we find out Connor is the only one going to jail. Michaela finally tells the trust about her deal. Connor is aghast. Because she lied of course. We truly see the type of person Michaela is, no character development whatso ever. It must be why I hate her. The next bombshell is that Frank now knows who his parents are, thanks to Bonnie. And Hannah is dead.