Gotham finally came back to our televisions this month, and with the return of the second half of the fourth season comes all new fun and interesting things! Like the introduction of the Toymaker! So without further adieu, let’s get into the mid-season premiere!

Gordon seems to have been spending his time attempting to hunt down Harvey, who is doing his damndest to avoid any contact. He finds Alfred in an alley, beating on a beefy dude who’d attempted to rob him after he left a nearby diner. Jim sends them running, and when he inquires about Bruce’s whereabouts, Alfred clams up. Their chit-chat is interrupted by an explosion in a nearby building. Now here’s where things get interesting – in that very building, Lee “The Doc” Thompkins, is hosting a meeting among her followers in The Narrows. She’s trying to convince them to help her unite the people and become a better community, but her stirring speech is ruined by a man known as “The Toymaker.” He sends a toy plane toward her with a bomb attached, but Solomon Grundy steps in and smacks it away. It flies out the window aaaand….kaboom. What’s more, is that just a floor below, in a mystical shop run by a Chinese man, three teenage hooligans stumble upon this crazy pod, and out of it bursts – you guessed it, Ivy Pepper. As much as I loved Maggie Geha, I have some high hopes for the new actress they brought in to play Ivy – Peyton List. She kills one of the kids with a simple touch and goes on her way.

Poison Ivy take 3

Peyton List as Poison Ivy – Gotham – Fox

Things, as usual, never go according to plan, so when Jim and Lucius Fox manage to trace the bomber plane to an old workshop, the man responsible, who calls himself “The Toymaker,” manages to escape. They learn from The Toymaker’s son that the target was a prominent member of The Narrows known only as “The Doc.” Ivy nestles herself into a nice little temporarily abandoned apartment, and Alfred is welcomed back to the diner he’d just left with open arms. They serve him brandy, and the man who’d previously tried to rob him apologizes, and the two drink to their health. Alfred notices a bruise on the waitress’ head, which she brushes off as a nasty fall. That’s when things go south for our dear Al. He ends up staying well into the night to chat with her, and when he meets her boyfriend, he sees just where she got that bruise. The two exchange blows, but the boyfriend walks away with both the girl and Alfred’s ring. Unfortunately, the waitress is found dead soon after, with impressions of that very ring upon her face. Naturally, the police have to suspect Alfred, but he manages to slip their grasp and hunt down the boyfriend.


Harvey and Alfred the new police duo – Gotham – Fox

He finds him at a local pub, and starts wailing on him. His buddies surround Alfred, but…surprise! Harvey Bullock shows up and wipes them out with a baseball bat. The boyfriend is caught in the act and arrested, and Jim shows up in time to tell Harvey how much he misses him. Bullock scoffs and tells Jim that he’s not looking for the return of his friend, he’s looking for someone to confess his sins to. Gordon sulks out of the bar, properly wounded. Before his run in with Harvey though, he manages to track down The Doc through some tips provided by Barbara Kean. Who does he find but his main squeeze Lee, rallying the troops and uniting the Narrows! Ed approaches him and brags over his friend, and when Lee greets him, she plays it off. She goes off to do her own thing, and when Jim leaves Ed alone to investigate the building, Nygma spots The Toymaker, and goes after him. They come face to face in an alley, where Ed learns that he is the one that paid for the hit on Lee. He has no recollection, but as he looks in the mirror nearby, his alter-ego is laughing in his face.

Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

It’s all very Jekyll and Hyde and I love it – Gotham – Fox

Jim is forced to gun down The Toymaker and is left with a body and a call to the precinct to make. Ed is flustered by the events that transpired, by the knowledge that The Riddler is taking over yet again, but tells Gordon nothing to incriminate himself. Other storylines this week included Solomon Grundy revealing that he remembers a few things: His love for Tabitha, Oswald chopping off his hand, the bullet Barbara left in his head, and his name…Butch Gilzean. The Sirens Club re-opens, much to Ivy’s chagrin. She makes an appearance, as does Bruce Wayne and his little groupies. Selina tells him to reign in his friends, and that she’s not buying his party boy act. Surprisingly, she recognizes Ivy and traces her to where she’s squatting. Naturally, Ivy’s first response is to show her newfound powers and poison her – before giving her the antidote she’d cooked up. Ivy convinces her to join forces, and honestly her powers are freakin’ amazing. There’s a particular scene, pertinent only to show the extent of Ivy’s power. The teenager she kills early on is, by all definitive meaning, dead. However, there is an organism thriving inside of him, and when the examiner cuts him open, droves of poison ivy blossom out.

Things are turning all topsy turvy, and it seems it’ll be even crazier next week. Jerome and The Penguin return to the screens, and it looks like Bruce might get a glimpse into his future. Be sure to tune in every Thursday on Fox, at 8pm CST!

LIterally some of the coolest shit they've done

Poison Ivy came to play – Gotham – Fox