Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

Last week on Jane the Virgin, we had the conclusion of one scary storyline and the beginning of another one!

Thanks to Michael–I’ve never liked him so much as I did in this scene–Rogelio was able to break free from Lola, his crazy kidnapper. He escaped relatively unharmed and received a LOT of press, which he loved, but he was obviously very traumatized. He was scared to talk about it because he didn’t want to get emotional, but Jane could see it was affecting him. Finally, before his interview, Jane got him to open up. It was such a sweet, emotional scene. We’ve seen lots of dramatic Rogelio moments, but nothing ever this raw or real. He was not only scared about what happened to him, but he was also scared that showing weakness (crying) would make him less popular. Well guess what RoRo? I love you even MORE.

Also, was anyone else surprised that nothing really happened between him and Xiomara? I mean…he was freaking kidnapped. Put your differences aside. Maybe a reconciliation is coming?

One eerie plot ends, and another begins. Pablo Alonso Segura finally got into town. Jane and Xiomara didn’t believe all of Alba’s talk about him being cursed, but the evidence is pretty stacked…while the couple was on their date (and doing their sexy dance) the Villanueva house literally collapsed! Who KNOWS what else is going to happen, especially since Pablo seems to have beguiled Alba once again. I have my theories…but I’m a little scared to even think about it.

Moving on to slightly lighter subplots, Petra was feeling a little nervous about motherhood (even if she wouldn’t admit it) and she decided two nannies could do better than her. Rafael was upset because he was, of course, comparing her to Jane–who is super hands on. Every mother handles motherhood differently, of course, but Petra really did seem to just be avoiding the girls. Finally, Raf was able to coax her into a little family time. But alas, even after all of that, I still give Raf, Petra, Elsa, and Anna’s family cuteness level an 8, and Jane, Raf, and Mateo an 11. Sorry not sorry. It honestly is SO weird though. Can you imagine these kids explaining their family situation in school or something in the future??

Finally, Jane had some real development this episode when she realized she doesn’t need to be liked by everybody. Between her shitty new advisor and Michael’s terrible parents (speaking of, Molly Hagan also plays Liv’s mom on iZombie. It seems that she has been typecast as the shitty CW parent), Jane just couldn’t win this week. But it finally helped her realize that she doesn’t always have to. That is a big lesson all of us learn as we grow up. We can’t waste time and energy MAKING people like us, but we can treat everyone with respect. Which is not necessarily what Michael’s parents were doing, but Jane is the bigger person here. As Jane works to become less judgy and less focused on being “perfect”, we’re seeing her grow into a more real person, and hopefully more suited for Rafael than she was in the past. (How many times a week can I bring up that I’m #TeamRafael??)

Some BIG events are coming up soon…so great ready! See you next week!