Hello fellow Gothamites! Welcome back to another review of the last episode of Gotham. This week’s episode gave me all sorts of heavy emotions mixed together.

We begin this episode with a look inside Gotham’s Art Museum. Paranoid that Gordon suspects him of killing Kristen Kringle and with the help of a real, fake bomb our good friend Nygma steals a painting and draws question marks on some more paintings. And of course, he gets away with it like it’s nothing.

Back at the GCPD HQ, Gordon gets news from Barnes that they are reopening the case of Galavan’s murder. What isn’t great for him because he obviously killed Galavan himself and let Penguin take the blame for it. As a result, a perfectly Penguin is destroyed.

Speaking of destroying Penguin, the ‘new him’ thinks it’s a good idea to pay Butch and his new girlfriend Tabitha a visit while bringing cupcakes. This reminded me of the cannoli he brought in the first season, only those people can’t recount it. Either way, Tabitha doesn’t like Penguin getting away with what he did to Butch, like brainwashing him and cutting off his hand. Somehow the cupcakes persuade Butch of not killing him, instead, our  Penguin finally gets his feathers.

Bullock and Gordon get to the museum to investigate Nygma’s robbing and they discover a clue where the next move will be: The railway station.  Nygma will be proud that Gordon solved the riddle that fast. The GCPD arrives at the station and they find the bomb. Gordon saves the day by throwing the bomb somewhere it didn’t hurt anyone.

Together with Selina, Bruce decides to rob Butch’s nephew, Sammy, who sells ‘magic mushrooms’. With the help of Ivy and their own mushrooms, they get the money, only to be caught by Sammy. Eventually, Bruce gets beaten up by Sammy, but he and Selena still get away with some of the money.

Still covered in feathers, Penguin brings Nygma a visit just to say hello. He then gets’s sort of kicked out by Nygma since he is freaking him out. Me too, I want the evil, smart Penguin back, not the perfect son in law.  Speaking of son, since Penguin couldn’t be at his mother’s funeral he pays a visit to her grave. There, he crosses paths with Elijah Van Dahl. After informing Dahl that he is the son of Gertrude Kapelput, Dahl reveals that he is Cobblepot’s father. Dahl had an affair with Gertrude decades in the past, but the two were separated by Dahl’s disapproving family. He then invites Penguin to his house. Where Penguin takes a bath (again something similar happened in S1, guess Penguin just likes baths) and meets his new family. Who don’t really like him by the way. There will be trouble in this new family, that’s for sure.

While it seems like Penguin takes the good route, Nygma, on the other hand, begins to end up more in the bad route. He kills a member of the GCPD strike force, informs the GCPD that Gordon killed Galavan, and frames Gordon for the murder. Believing Gordon to have murdered the officer to keep him from testifying, the GCPD arrests Gordon. Nygma does a great job by using a crowbar that Gordon used before and switching papers so that Gordon didn’t have a reason to visit the officer’s house. After a trial( by Harvey Dent) , Gordon is determined guilty and sent to Blackgate Penitentiary for 40 years.

This episode gave me the chills, I was almost scared for Nygma, worried about Penguin and nearly cried when Gordon tells Lee that she should move on with her life without him. And of course, happy that Barbara finally wakes up, although she probably only causes trouble.

That’s it! This was my review, hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to watch Gotham next week!