I may be starting to sound like a broken record, but once again, this week’s episode was a good sign for Jake and Amy’s relationship. In “Karen Peralta”, Jake and Amy went to his mom’s house for his birthday, where his dad (cheating scum) showed up unexpectedly. Jake wanted his dad to leave, so he was open with Amy and they worked together to try and get rid of him. So many TV shows create storylines for couples using their internal conflict; Brooklyn Nine Nine does a good job of using outside forces to push Jake and Amy even closer together. It was obvious how strongly they feel for one another throughout the entire episode (I know I wouldn’t fake feeling stopped up for anyone unless I REALLY LOVED them…) It must’ve been obvious to his mom too, because she really liked Amy.

Leave it to Brooklyn Nine Nine to take a pressing social issue and make it comedic. Terry, Rosa, and Charles tested out the new police body cams while trying to track down a drug dealer, and while chasing down the perp, Rosa busted in the bathroom and caught Charles and his “Bennie and the Jets” on her body cam. I wasn’t sure if this subplot had a purpose in furthering their relationship…I think I’m just forever stuck on season one with these two. It’s not that I think they have good romantic chemistry or anything, but it’s hard to believe that the strong feelings Charles had for Rosa are completely gone now.


Finally, in a hilarious turn of events, the two smartest people in the precinct were stuck with the two most stupid in a bomb shelter. Holt arranged a team building exercise for the entire precinct, but Gina forgot to invite anyone, and of course, Scully and Hitchcock were free. They had four hours to find four keys, unlock the shelter, and stop the nuc. Hitchcock was useless, of course, but Scully surprisingly knows Morse Code because that’s how he communicated with his dad when he was in the war. We get these random spurts of interesting development from Scully, which is what makes him more bearable than Hitchcock (I think, at least). Of course, they found the keys and got out, but I think they would’ve been useless without Holt…even Gina.

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