Ok I’m sure you all heard today that Matt Smith filmed his last scene as the doctor. So I figured I would put my 2 cents in about it. I’ve been dreading this news for a very long time. Matt’s version of the doctor has become my favorite doctor. That’s really hard for me to say considering how amazing and heartfelt David Tennant’s portrayal was. Matt Smith’s humor and happiness as the doctor is what made his doctor so important to me. So important to the point where I had to have anything that had to do with the 11th doctor. Though his time as the doctor should have carried on so much longer, I do see why he had to call it a day. Matt, thank you so much for the series you gave us. Thank you for showing us that the doctor could be somewhat childlike at times but still show so much love for the people in his 900+  life. The Tardis will not be the same. I’m so excited to see what you do in the 50th and the Christmas special. Peter Capaldi, you have some BIG shoes to fill.  Thanks – Tyler Hanne