On March 28, two of The CW’s best-loved worlds are set to collide in a double-hero, double-villain episode entitled “Worlds Finest”.

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The Easter Eggs will probably be strong with this episode, since the poster itself makes not-so-subtle allusion to this cover art depicting the “Arrowverse” vs. what will likely be dubbed the “Superverse”.

The first thing that needs pointing out is the title; “Worlds” is not possessive, we’re dealing with the Multiverse again.

Thanks to Barry’s adventures on Earth2, Team Flash is now opened up to the possibility of traveling to infinite universes without disrupting them. It’s likely that Supergirl is one of many different heroes we’ll have to jump through a Breach to meet.

Fans have already begun to anticipate the obvious chemistry that will develop between the Last Daughter of Krypton and the Scarlet Speedster; their nerdy day-jobs and marginally awkward dispositions, and common interest of kicking bad-guy butt is bound to be good for a couple of laughs.

So far, it’s been confirmed that Barry will help Kara take down the villainesses Silver Banshee, and Livewire (who we met briefly, a while ago), in exchange for Supergirl’s help in returning to Earth1.

Source: DC Comics

The obvious question is; Why does Barry need help getting home? The answer may be (and probably is) as simple as malfunctioning equipment, or as exciting as 52 new breaches being opened by accident.

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