Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, had a lot going on, it jumped around an awful lot, as it had a number of stories to tell. This was one of the best episodes of the entire season, we start off seeing Carol playing home maker by making batches of cookies for the townsfolk, seeing the group get to relax, is always a trigger that something bad is going to happen. Carol was passing out batches of cookies to the towns folk when the group that went to the Hilltop returned. Rick said that everyone needs to meet in the church in an hour, and after Carol asked Rick, he told her that they have to fight again. The opening scene concludes with Carol putting one last cookie for Sam on his grave.

At the church, Rick states what he knows, and his opinion on the matter to rally the team behind the thought of going to war once again. Everyone seem to be in agreement, or impartial with Rick’s descriptions that they would have been found by the Saviors eventually, and might not have been in a strong position to fight back and survive. Morgan wants the opportunity to talk to and try to reason with the Saviors, but nobody else seems to want to get on board with Morgan’s plan.

We flash back to Carol, as she seems to be mentally preparing herself for what’s to come, she has to turn the spatula in for a gun, she, which might be the only person on the show, is keeping a running tally of kills in a little book. Carol also appears to have taken up smoking, she was going for a late night stroll when she passed by Tobin’s house, who was sitting on his porch. He asked Carol if she couldn’t sleep, which she never does, and asked if he could have a cigarette. She says no but sits to split it with him. He seems bummed out about the fight that is going to take place tomorrow and says he is scared. She asks why, did he volunteer to go, and he says no he is worried because she is going. He says that she is like a mother to this place, because she can do things, she can make the tough choices and do tough things. Carol asks if Tobin thinks of her as a mother and he says no, to him she is something more, and with that they kiss!

I would say that Carbin sounds better here compared to Toral. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Moving on, Abraham breaks up with Rosita because he is just a big tall bag of stupid. His reason is because “why are dingleberries brown?” He goes on that when he met her he thought she was the last woman on earth, but it turns out she is not. Rosita is obviously very sad, and Eugene is pretty oblivious to the entire thing. On another love note Tara and Denise are close, they care for each other and don’t really want to be apart. Tara invites Denise to join her on the two week run but Denise declines, she wants to, but as a doctor she needs to stay and help the patients.

Andy, the member from the Hilltop who has stepped inside this hold of the Saviors, goes over the layout of the building that he knows of and what his best guesses are. The team decides they are going to make a raid and night, and make a dash to secure the armory. But first they need to bring them Gregory’s head. They sadly don’t really kill Gregory, as you can tell I don’t like the guy, but what they do is set out to find walkers that could pass off as a Gregory. They get three heads as finalist and cut them off and line them up on the street for Andy, and Jesus to decide on. They end up picking the middle head(of George Nicotero, and not picking the head of Johnny Depp and an un-named third option). During the hunt for heads, Glenn and Heath shared similar experience. Throughout the time of the Walking Dead, neither of them have been forced to take a human life. They both seemed hesitant to have to do such a thing.

At this satellite holding station, Andy goes to deliver the head of ‘Gregory’ to the Saviors in exchange for a member of the Hilltop. He gets the two guards to inspect the head and they conclude it is really Gregory. After one guard goes to retrieve the member of the hilltop Rick’s group goes in silently and efficiently and annihilates the other guard and the returning guard with the other member of the Hilltop. The team moves in quick calculated spurts almost like a tactical mission team. They use stealth to murder a lot of guards in their sleep. Heath and Glenn are confronted with murdering sleeping bodies. Glenn was able to do it, while Heath struggled with his dilemma and Glenn went to finish that job. Glenn also see a wall of some gruesome mangled up heads. I don’t think they really comprehend what the significance is, but comic readers sure do.

Things inside of the mission were going quite well until Sasha was fiddling with a locked door and someone came out of one of the rooms, to use the restroom I presume, he ended up slashing Abraham and setting off the fire alarm. This understandably woke up all remaining guards and it was a gun blazing blood bath. During all the number of battles, Glenn and Heath make their way to the armory and are the first ones there. They both grab guns without thinking and shoot through the door at would be attackers. They kill the attackers quite easily, which is Heath’s first time in this world.

When the alarm gets set off, Tara and Father Gabriel, who were off with Andy, Jesus and the rescued Hill Top member gear up to go fight after the alarm went off. Jesus decides he will join too and put on a mask. The other 2 are heading back home immediately. On the other side, Maggie and Carol who were watching the RV are getting ready to go help. Carol insists that Maggie shouldn’t have been there and she needs to stay behind. Part of me thinks it’s because Maggie is an expectant mother, other part of me feels it’s because Carol realizes Maggie holds a very important job in their circle now and means more as a political figure then a warrior. During their arguments they are caught.

They do a cut scene to Morgan doing some sort of welding, I am believing he is making a jail with his free time.

As morning hits Rick and crew believe that it’s done, that they have defeated the Saviors, Michonne went as far as to say she wonders which one of them is Negan. For me I always looked at this location as an outpost and not home base. First off, if Negan has control of so much stuff wouldn’t you expect to see an overly filled room full of lavish stuff? It seemed like an over staffed run down place inside. As they are inspecting bodies someone gets on a motorcycle and tries to escape. They are able to take him down, that bike was Daryl’s right? The one that got stolen, I think it was, and tried to get him to talk, but he was not going to say anything. That’s when you hear a female voice over the walkie talkie directed towards Rick. She tells him that they have a Maggie and Carol and they are willing to make a trade.