Roan of the Ice Nation has a peace offering for Clarke, to show thanks for freeing him, he gives her the last remaining person from mount weather, Carl Emerson. As part of the history for such a gift Clarke is in charge of his sentencing. The choice is either total banishment from the land, or death by 49 cuts from Clarke’s hands. Clarke has some internal debating to do.

Raven is feeling great after taking the offering, she feels no pain in her knee, the damage is not gone but she is not showing any signs of pain or injury. The doctor can’t quite figure out what is going on, she has taken some initial tests, and wants to run more. She even checked to see if Raven’s pupils were abnormal which they were not. With this win for the city of light they have recruited a considerable larger amount of people to try the offering. This is only causing more questions for people in Arcadia.

Meanwhile Pike and his soldier crew is thinking of what the next steps need to be to preserve Arcadia, they have already wiped out grounder soldiers, and after doing some research have found some soil that would be prime for growing corn. The soil is unlike any they have seen so far, unfortunately it is in another grounder village. His direction is to go to this village and wipe out all the inhabitants to gain control over the land, otherwise by his estimate food supplies will run out in a year.

Octavia is able to listen into Pike’s meeting, along with some others, she hears the plan to wipe out the village. She is smart enough to realize that if she is able to get them to move along peacefully she can stop a war, because if sky crew attacks and wipes out a second village of the grounders war would be confirmed, and they would be no match for a complete grounders attack. She enters the village in peace, but is met with resistance from the group as they recognize who she is. She gets roughed up before a child speaks up in her defense. Octavia saved this child earlier from some of Pike’s soldiers. They take her hostage as they figure out what they will do next. They decide that they are going to set a trap and fight back. They have a poison from a tree, it’s hard to tell if that is the source, but they end up stringing up a trap of poison that ignite with fire. They escape to the hilltop overlooking their village, and sure enough as warned Pike’s soldiers come in the night with guns to try to wipe out the village, when they realize what was going on it was to late, Octavia broke free and was able to yell out that it was a trap. But flame arrows were launched into the village, which burned and ignited the poison which was airborne. One of the soldiers died in the melee. This is when members of Pike’s crew knows that a traitor is among Arcadia.

Meanwhile Raven has lost it, she was asked to look for version 2 of the AI system for the woman in the red dress. She thought it was in the system in Arcadia. Raven says she is sure she would have seen something but will look again. They don’t tell her it is a upgrade to the system that ruined the world. Jasper catches Raven working to try to find the code as requested. He can tell she is in some other state of mind so tells her something that would really make her mad, but she has no negative reaction to it. He knows something is very wrong, back with the others Jasper and the doctor confront John about the city of light and what everyone is taking. They want to run tests, and mentions he would want that for his son, who he didn’t remember at first. At this point they confiscate his stuff until they can properly figure out what is going on. John was worried at first, but the woman in the red dress already has someone to keep an eye on her.

Meanwhile at the capital, Clarke is forced to make her decision with Carl Emerson, after much debate, she feels that killing him would be the easy way out. That killing one man does not fix all the damage that was done prior, that a much worse fate would be banishment, and living for a very long time knowing that he is the last remaining blood line of his race. He doesn’t like the turn out as he wanted to be killed and freed from all guilt, the council doesn’t like it, but Lexa tells everyone that decisions like this can shape the future of the people and show the children a new way of life going forward, one that death is not always the answer for death.

We learn towards closing, that their was in fact a 13th station that was supposed to be apart of the arc, but it didn’t happen so it didn’t make it into the history. It could hold all the information that John and the red dressed woman have been looking for. It’s name, Polaris.