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Episode Synopsis:

Reagan causes chaos between Nick and Winston when she tells them she’ll sleep with just one of them in an attempt to challenge the guys’ indecisiveness. Meanwhile, Schmidt is reunited with his college frenemy, Benjamin, when looking at wedding venues with Cece.

The Gang:

Nick, Winston & Reagan- Since this episode is called “The Decision,” the first decision is called upon by Nick and Winston because of their indecisiveness. Reagan can’t stand the fact that these guys can’t make up their minds about anything, so she gives them a challenge by telling them that she will sleep with one of them, if they can decide which guy it should be by the end of the day. Funnily enough, Nick and Winston take this challenge very seriously because this is Reagan we’re talking about and she’s WAY too good for both of them. After much debate, the choice is made that Winston will sleep with Reagan. After letting Reagan know of their decision, she decides to freak them out a little bit and tell Winston that he better be ready for her. She asks if he’s had any injuries recently and that he’ll need to numb his mouth before they start. This puts Winston into a frenzy and starts talking to Aly (his partner at work) about the situation. Let me just say that I love Winston and Aly’s chemistry together. Their relationship is kind of a gender role reversal and it makes for some great comedy. Later, Nick changes his mind and decides that he wants to sleep with Reagan, so he tells Winston that he’s going to have Reagan make the choice instead. Reagan makes the guys reveal why they should be the one to sleep with her and during Winston’s speech, we see that he actually has feelings for Aly. AWW, Yes! I totally knew this was going to happen. It was just a matter of time. Sadly, we find out later that Aly has a boyfriend. Which to me, I think was a lie because it seemed like she hesitated when she came up with his profession, but who knows. And back at the loft, Nick starts freaking out about sleeping with Reagan and of course, panic moonwalks away. I guess these boys finally made some decisions, but nothing positive really came out of it.

Schmidt & Cece- The second decision in this episode was Schmidt and Cece’s decision about where the wedding will take place. First of all, we see in the beginning of the episode, that Cece already has her engagement ring on, and I wished that we had seen that moment of her picking out the ring, but I guess we can’t see every sweet moment between Schmidt and Cece’s wedding planning. We see a couple potential places that the wedding could take place within Schmidt and Cece’s budget, but then we see them at the Lisbon. It’s super fancy and of course too expensive for the couple, but when they see Schmidt’s old friend, Benjamin come in with his fiancé and see that they are wanting to rent the same place, they immediately go into a full on race to see who will get the room. After much back and forth between the couples, Schmidt finally gives in and says that he already got what he wanted; the fact that he’s marrying Cece. Awww. At the end, it’s revealed that they finally chose the abandoned warehouse to get married in and I’m excited to see how they dress the place up for the big day.

I think this episode was definitely better than last weeks, but it still wasn’t a laugh out loud episode like past episodes we’ve seen. I liked when Reagan came into the picture, but now I feel like the episodes have just been pretty static because it’s just been about Nick having a crush on Reagan and not knowing what to do and Schmidt and Cece’s wedding planning. I can’t wait for Jess to come back and I saw in pictures of a future episode, that Jess and Reagan actually are in an episode together, so that should be fun because their personalities are so different. Also, I’d love to see the dynamic between Reagan, Jess and Nick. Will he be awkward around both girls because it’s the girl he used to love (maybe still loves) and his new crush. I think that would be a great episode.


3/5 glasses rating