Source: i can’t even Youtube

I’m with you, Lex, I’m still recovering from The Force Awakens myself. 

We have sadly, reached the last webisode in the i can’t even web series’ first season. The series follows the adventures of Lex and Em, two nerdy roommates living the fandom life, one episode at a time, and it has a little something for everyone from the Twilight fangirl to the Star Wars fanatic! In this episode, the Christmas special, Em and Lex spend some time daydreaming about what it might be like to spend life in the Doctor Who universe, travelling with The Doctor as his companion. I loved all of the nerdy references that the girls packed into this episode and appreciated the call-back to our very first episode featuring the cardboard cut-out of Edward Cullen.

While this was our last episode re-cap for now, be sure to check in with us as new webisodes are uploaded. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel, catch up on past episodes and read all of our past re-caps in the i can’t even tag!