Have you watched the first two films in The Maze Runner trilogy yet? If not, do not fear, because the final Maze runner movie is still one year away. So plenty of time to read the books, watch The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials and be ready when The Death Cure hits theatres! To give you more reasons to do all of the above, here are some reasons why you should be excited about Maze Runner: The Death Cure:

1. The Story
Thomas escaped from the labyrinth, survived The Scorch Trials and must now undergo a final test. What WICKED doesn’t know is that his memories go back further than the organization suspects. He must now undergo a final test but will also try everything to find his friends from Laar. Above all, the search for the truth will be important.

2. One Movie
Unlike most of the other Young Adult books (Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games and more), this one won’t be split into two separate movies.

3. One Year Later
The last movie will start roughly a year after  The Scorch Trials finished. The director said that some things will have happened off screen what will make this movie feel even bigger.

4. Different
It is likely that the movie will be different than the first two movies. Here is what director Wes Ball said about that:

“It’s gonna be a different kind of an engine, a different kind of genre almost and a different sort of colour palette and terrain.” – Wes Ball


Source: Giphy.com

This is all we know, for now, so stay tuned at The Game Of Nerds for the latest updates on Maze Runner: The Death Cure.  It will hit theatres on February 17th,  2017.