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Episode Synopsis:

Schmidt helps Nick ponder his future after Nick’s cousin and his wife visit to ask for a very special handout. Meanwhile, Winston helps Cece shop for a wedding dress.

This was also directed by Jake Johnson.

The Gang:

Nick & Schmidt- Well, first off, Nick and Schmidt’s storyline with Bob and Carol was so cringeworthy, that I was screaming. Screaming with laughter and also sheer terror. We learn from Bob and Carol that they want to have a child, but they need a little help from Nick with the process. They want him to donate his sperm. Just hearing that and seeing the look on Nick’s face said it all. Um, this could only get worse. This sets off a whole talk about boundaries between Nick and Schmidt, which ends with us learning that Schmidt has been creating a life plan for Nick, with charts and full on descriptions. Next, we see that Nick has decided to take the leap and donate his sperm at the doctors, but when he asks Schmidt to come in the bathroom with him, they have another in depth conversation about Nick’s choice and whether he should go through with it. It was actually a pretty touching scene between the two because Nick was actually worried that he wouldn’t have children with anyone, and he thought this would be the next great step. He would help another couple have a child and in a way, have a kid after all. Schmidt also shared some info from Nick’s life plan about how Nick would find the perfect woman and have children with her. It was nice to see the two reminiscing about Nick’s future, but at the same time, there were some red flags popping up in the back of my mind. Yes, we’ve seen Nick talk about kids in previous seasons, but what really got to me was that we had seen in “Mars Landing” that Nick totally freaked out when Jess talked about having kids with him. He seemed like he had no intentions of having kids anytime soon, so what changed his mind so quickly? That I want to know. Later in the episode, we hear from Bob and Carol that they can’t afford the insemination procedure, so they think the next best idea, is for Nick to have sex with Carol. RED FLAG, RED FLAG! Weirdly, Nick thinks it’s an ok idea and just that whole scene with him trying to get in the zone to have sex with Carol, was so funny! Like I said, I was screaming. Thank god, he didn’t go through with it and Nick and Schmidt went back to reminiscing about Nick’s future wife. Can we just pretend that Jess is his future wife. Hint hint…

Winston & Cece- Now Winston and Cece just keep on getting cuter and cuter. As friends of course. Just like Cece attempted to help Winston get over his breakup in the last episode, Winston decided to take on the Jess role and help Cece find the perfect wedding dress. I loved the montage of Cece walking down the runway in the different wedding dresses. It’s like one of those scenes you see in a rom-com, only maybe a little sloppier, since they were getting drunk on champagne. The next day, Cece decides to try on her wedding dress again and is horrified to see that her dress looks like something out of the 80′s. It has way too many frills and even lights up. Poor Winston tries to cheer Cece up, but she decides that she’s going to try to find another dress on her own. Sad face. Winston still tries to help Cece, by dressing up in his cop uniform and attempting to get the sales woman at the bridal store to take back the dress, but it didn’t do much good because in this case, dressing up as a cop, isn’t going to help any. They walk out of the shop, dress in hand, and suddenly the mood changes because Cece realizes that Winston has been such a good friend to her and she decides that he should be one of her bridesmaids. Aw! So will Winston be wearing a dress at her wedding then? Haha. At the very end of the episode, the gang stands outside of Jess’s hotel and tries to get some input about the wedding dress. In true Jess fashion, she writes a few signs saying that she’ll take care of it. I guess the day was saved.

I really enjoyed this episode. It was super funny and the character dynamics were spot on. I think it was the second episode so far this season, that I’ve laughed really hard at. Like I’ve been saying after all my reviews now, Megan Fox is finally making her appearance next week. Bring it on.


4/5 glasses rating