I absolutely love that Family Guy makes fun of themselves and everyone else. This particular episode is all about rebooting Family Guy. There is a “focus group” that looks completely unexcited to be there.

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The first reboot is based around Lois called…drumroll please…Lois! Lois is a high powered professional woman with a whole new look and Peter is a complete pushover, whipped husband. Joe can run on his own two legs and is in a gay relationship with Quagmire.

The second has a supernatural spin to it. Peter is the only one who didn’t get an awesome makeover. Everyone though who is on there is sexy af according to the segment. Everyone is in High School including Stewie. Peter just using the shower.

Source Recap Guide

The third one is a Rosane like show. Stewie, Meg and Brian now live in Queensland, Australia and won’t in the show. Peter and Lois have apparently died. Joe now lives with Chris and his wife, Tricia.

The focus group are of no help at all except maybe to piss off Peter and Lois who along with, Chris, Meg, Brian and Stewie are watching them through a two way mirror. I can’t wait to see next week’s show! Till next week…

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