You know what The 100 reminds me of lately? It reminds me of old school WWE wrestling. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, for now, until I need to hit you in the back with a steel chair.

The 100 has always had a mix of factions on this show, which all have their own way of doing things and seeing things, this season we have already seen two new factions join the battle.

We have the established Sky people, who have rebuilt a new home and are establishing defense, an army, food. Most would see them as the good guys, had formed an Alliance with the Grounders, until they were blindsided by Lexa, however some of the grounders seem to still be in good standing and trusting the Sky people. It’s a theme that is starting to pop up.

We came across, by luck, another group of Sky people, who had cornered members of the vehicle that was stopped by the tree, and took the beacon from Monty. It turns out that one of the attacking group was Monty’s mother which immediately stopped any fighting. This extended group of the Sky people told their story about how many they have lost, and how they were attacked by “Grounders” and have been on a mission to hunt down any that they see. They don’t see the Grounders the same way that our main Sky people group do, which you can imagine would be a hot button issue down the road. It turns out that this group by the farm station actually encountered a new group called the Ice Nation. I’m still getting a feel on the Ice Nation, they just seem to be forward focused and not a group to mess with. As far as I can tell the Ice Nation doesn’t like anyone and nobody likes them.

In addition to setting out all the major players, the notion Mount Weather was brought up again with the technology that is in the mountain. Right now Mount Weather seems to be a player that is out of the match, but I wouldn’t rule them out completely, or for another faction to go and try to build that up again in the future.


Clarke won’t say it, but she sees a lot of herself and her struggles in Roan. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

We continued with Roan’s trek to turn in Clarke, we thought he was going to turn in Clarke to his Ice Queen, however he pulled a swerve and turned her over to the Grounders queen Lexa. Clarke was none to happy to see Lexa, spit in her face, and didn’t want to buy anything she was selling, for Roan’s trouble he got captured. so yes the Grounders and Lexa are the ultra heel of the factions at the moment.

On the other side of the world, or maybe very close, I don’t really know, the lady in red continues to build up the prospect of the city of light. We really don’t have a whole lot to go on for sure. Is it a matrix type event? Is it virtual reality? Is it all something that is manufactured when someone arrives in the mansion but they never really leave and are captured there? Is it just another way for her to ‘save’ the world by killing any straggler population?

All of it is just pure speculation at this point in time. I haven’t figured out what I think the end game reality is.