Confession: I watched the original incarnation of “The X-Files” when it debuted on Fox many, many moons ago. It was a staple of my Friday nights and provided some of the most innovative and terrifying episodes broadcast during that time.I was a hardcore X-Phile before I even knew what a ‘fandom’ was. This was pre-websites, pre-social media, and pre-spoilers! We didn’t know what was coming until it was bam! in our faces, bold, brash and captivating.When chatter began about a possible third X-Files FILM for a possible 2012 release, the excitement level was there; it was tempered because of the underwhelming 2008 second film (the 1998 film is a masterpiece. Don’t @ me). When the word on the street turned to a MINISERIES as opposed to a third film, we reached critical mass hullabaloo.Exec producer Chris Carter and original stars Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi are all on board as the alien mythology continues in a 6-part event on Fox. Join TGON as we livetweet on the West Coast showing for 6 speculation filled weeks of government conspiracies, aliens and the continued shipping of Scully and Mulder. The Truth is Still Out There.