The episode brings us back to Alexandria, and we see the setup like the movie Groundhogs day. We see people doing the same routine day after day, going on their guard shifts, working out, checking inventory. I see a couple things in that opening segment, it shows how many days the Saviors have time to regroup and look for clues on what happened to their teams and to try to get a lead on who brought the carnage. Number two, Sasha, has the worst cover ever for someone on a lookout. Her perch has her above the wall, with nothing in front to shield her. Anyone with a sniper, or some patience to line up, has a great chance to pick her off as on the other side of the fence has lots of cover, and the perch is fairly small.

To catch up a couple side sub plots, Morgan continues to hang out by himself, building the jail cell, and working out on his own keeping an eye on Carol. In a case of irony, Rick doesn’t seem to understand the reasoning for building a jail cell. The other subplot is Rosita finds someone to keep her warm at night as she ends up sleeping with Spencer. Spencer seems to want to make it more while Rosita seems indifferent to the situation.

Eugene continues to use his brains and tries to step up, and has Abraham join him on a mission. Eugene wants to check out a building that he believes can be used to manufacture bullets. He knows that the bullet stock is non existent on the Hilltop and dwindling fast at Alexandria. He realizes that if they keep all of the bullet casings they will likely be able to refill and reuse bullets thanks to this facility. Eugene and Abraham continue the best comedy of the Apocalypse, however Eugene was getting a bit mouthy with Abraham after calling dibs to kill a walker. Telling Abraham he didn’t need him anymore, which was a great turn of the table for Abraham to be the one “dumped” like he did with Rosita.

Denise goes and approaches Daryl and Rosita about going on a supply run instead of practicing her machete skills with Rosita. She remembers that when things were happening that she drove by a strip mall, that had a building that would likely have medicine that they could use. Daryl can’t drive a stick shift, idle chatter, split up, cardinal sin in the Apocalypse, it all works out fine and they arrive at the building. Rosita and Daryl start going through the medicine, Denise was asking them to show her what they have and she will let them know if it is worth bringing or not and they both decide they are just going to take anything and everything they can carry, the more supplies the better. They hear some sort of banging, realize it’s a trapped walker, but Denise wants to step up and kill it, she goes into the walk in cooler, sees a wasted away walker likely from starvation, and a baby crib, and hush repeatedly written on the walls, we see a sink with water and a baby shoe informing you the grisly scene. Note, some people are believing that was a deep fryer and the person cooked the child, I don’t buy that you would remove the clothes first. Grisly thought I know, I had to go there.

On the way back they take the tracks because it was quicker and Rosita had no problems the first time, another epic fail by Daryl who is usually on the ball with these things. So Denise failed once, was lagging behind, and wanted to prove a point again by getting a cooler. She is told it’s not worth it, which it wasn’t, she doesn’t listen and goes for it, can’t handle it, makes a lot of noise, and finally kills the walker. Her sweet prize? Tara’s favorite drink one random Orange Crush soda. This is all going on in the open on a train track making lots of noise, Denise goes on a tangent and then,

Can someone tell Carl that Denise is an organ donor? Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

It turns out to be Dwight, the Dwight that stole Daryl’s bike and crossbow in the burnt forest. At first you are led to believe that Dwight has gotten extremely good with the crossbow. He admits that he wasn’t aiming for her, but it has quite the kick back. In Saviors fashion they like to kill someone upon meeting to set a tone. They have Eugene as a prisoner and tell Daryl they want to come to their compound, and take who and what they want. Eugene notices that dick Abraham hiding in some near by rubble and tells the Saviors they should go and kill him as he deserves it. He sets the diversion as the Saviors look to the rubble and go and investigate, giving Abraham time to move position, to get ready for a counter attack, when Eugene creates the chaos.

Eugene does something you wouldn’t expect, he takes a bite out of crime if Dwight called his downstairs crime. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Battle rages on, Saviors die in the cross fire, Dwight is subject to all of the D’s nuts jokes, and Eugene gets shot. They talk Daryl away from tracking the Saviors to get Eugene back to Alexandria for help. Now that Denise is gone, Rosita tries to step up and be the doctor with what she has learned from watching Denise. Eugene and Abraham come to a mutual understanding, Abraham welcomes Eugene to stage 2, but Eugene tells him no welcome is needed as he has been here awhile.

As things wind down to the end Carol loses her way, she seems to be almost on suicide watch. She left Tobin’s house in the middle of the night, left a note saying to not look for her. You can tell that Carol is the yin to his yang, he notices the empty porch, and you get the sense he is going to be the one to go and look for Carol.