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Episode Five was certainly not as breathtaking in its action, music and stand design as Episode Four but the parts introducing Bruno’s gang are some of the most fun in this, or any other, JoJo part. The character’s each play off one another excellently.


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Each character is pretty well set up even in these first few minutes. Everyone one of them is violent. Narancia is dumb and energetic, Abbacchio is brooding, mysterious and untrusting, and Mista is a bit of thug who hates the number four. And Fugo. Fugo exists.

Not much really happened this episode though. A lot of exposition was given and most of the movement seemed to be just getting characters from one place to another in order to set up the next set-piece and fight. This is of course exactly where the episode ends off, with a cliffhanger for the next episode.

Two special mentions need to be made. First, Abbacchio’s eye coloration is wonderful. And the second is just how wonderful it is that we finally have Giorno drinking ‘tea’ animated.


Image via Crunchyroll