The season finale is upon us. But don’t worry there are still 2 more seasons available to watch on Netflix. So, even though we went through 12 episodes, we still don’t know much about Max, Isobel, and Michael. And how the lives of Rosa, Liz, Alex, Kyle, and Maria have changed significantly due to being involved with the trio. Not much is known about their powers or the extent of their powers. They’ve suppressed them so long trying to appear human they are nowhere near their potential. Which is how Noah was able to fool them for so long and overpower them so quickly. A fact that Noah so arrogantly gloats about. Nevertheless, Noah is being held captive and life can return to a sense of semi normalcy. Well, that is until Noah breaks free and they 4 decide to have a chat about the past and how they came to be where they are now. And it is not a pretty story.

Michael has met his mother. She’s dead now because the facility that housed her was destroyed by Alex’s dad. He’s heartbroken mourning the mom and family he should have had. But Michael wants what he wants. Information and maybe revenge for his mother. He is an emotional wreck and he attacked Max. The storylines are vastly different if you were ever a fan of the Roswell from the 90s, but as I stated previously this adaptation is closer to the book. Noah takes advantage of the emotional situation and Michael’s vulnerability and escapes. Once again shows his superiority over three aliens to his one. And he is not even as strong as they are.

Noah ain’t going down without a fight and wants to take someone down with him. But he’s weakened because of Liz’s serum and this pollen from a rare flower. His next target is Liz but that doesn’t go so well. Liz is alive because Noah escapes but she isn’t unharmed. Liz also informs Max what happened and he and Isobel try to find Noah. Noah has gained some of his strength back and he has lured Max into a trap. Noah is dropping bombs everywhere he goes. From Rosa’s real father to the infinite power Max might be destined to control.

This finale is indeed emotional for our characters. So many truths are being unleashed and the question that follows. There is more to Max than meets the eye and he has the destiny to fulfill. But he may reject that burden or honor depending on how you look at it. Who would want to be a hero for people he doesn’t know? Why should he sacrifice his and his life? The bigger picture doesn’t matter. He’s just Max. a cop from Roswell. In the end, Max does reach a new level just as Noah wanted him to. Unfortunately, that also closed out his part in the Roswell story.

Kyle has to deal with having a new sister, knowing his father cheated on his mom, and his dad was murdered by none other than Alex’s dad. Oh and get this they were best friends. Kyle seems to be a bit paranoid but he may have just cause to be a little spooked, I mean his dad was killed. We haven’t learned why yet or whether or not it had something to do with the aliens. Turns out his suspicions weren’t wrong. And he was ready for him. He takes him out, but not in the way you think. Now Kyle truly has the upper hand with General Mays out of the picture.

Max seems a little different. Maybe more confident or maybe more comfortable in his skin. Or accepting maybe. Plus he healed an old injury of Michael’s. Who knew he was capable? He definitely didn’t. Isobel and Michael are persuing the desert to try and determine whether or not Noah was lying and they come across a cave and inside it, is a pod holding the body of Liz’s sister Rosa. Noah, who’s so in love with Rosa, killed her and preserved her body. Max immediately wants to tell Liz but what could they say? Max toys with the idea of bringing her back but she’s been gone 10 years.

Now, they all have to try and pick up the pieces and go on with their lives. Our alien friends are realizing their powers accepting love into their lives and ending old ones. Or again maybe it’s more so them accepting themselves and that is the first step to fully coming into their potential. And as Rosa walks out of the cave to Liz we know there is so much more to learn. But was Rosa’s life at the cost of Max’s?