Hey everyone! Since we’re in the midst of the holidays, I thought I’d compile a list of my top Ten Favorite Super villains of the Marvel/DC universe, and then share that rad list with you lovely lot!
So let’s dive right in!

10.) Captain Cold, From Flash: Who doesn’t love a dramatic Primadona with an obsessive affinity for ice?

9.) Yandu, From Guardians of The Galaxy: This Blue-Skinned whistler of doom can’t help but also be ridiculously lovable!

8.) Magneto, From X-Men: Misguided as he is, we can’t help but forgive this metal bender; Especially when he’s portrayed by such studs like Michael Fassbender and Sir Ian Mckellen!

7.) Loki, From Thor: It’s got to be his face…you can’t really resist that face. Would you be able to stay mad at the guy who’s got Tom Hiddleston’s face? Be real here.

6.) Fish Moony: This badass Queen of the streets captured all our hearts. As evil as she is, she couldn’t really do any wrong.

5.) Deadshot: The infamous “Never Miss” Assassin couldn’t be more cuddly and just in need of a good Ol’ hug.

4.) Wilson Fisk: Alright I know he appears in different things, but if you’ve seen DareDevil then you were unconsciously rooting for Vanessa and Wilson to survive, don’t even lie.

3.) Amanda Waller: I get that not everyone sees her as a villain, but let’s be real here, she’d assassinate the president herself if it meant keeping herself and her secrets safe.

2.) General Zod: This bad boy won villain of the year when he decided to punish the last son of Krypton for the planet’s destruction.

1.) Harley Quinn: Real talk right now, Harley has been, is, and will always be my personal number one, regardless of any villains to debut their mad skills.

These are all my personal favorite villains, and though they’re flawed baddies, they’re still some of the most loved assholes in the comic book world. Hope you guys enjoyed this list, and Happy Holidays!