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Wouldn’t it be fun to try and recap every episode of The Mindy Project off the top of my head? I thought it would be so I did & now I’m subjecting you to it! Check out part 1 below and tell me in the reblogs or on twitter the thing that stands out for you in each episode!

While I Was Sleeping

  • H: JGL! RAIN KISS! ENGAGEMENT! The sense of bliss one can only get from a perfect season premiere! Can that be the end of my recap?

C Is For Coward

  • H: I guess Leo was born in this episode idk whatever. Danny ran and jumped on the tracks, that was cool. The birthing suite she wanted also had great decor.

Leo Castellano Is My Son

  • H: Was this the cold open with Leo? Ugh does he have to be everywhere? But Eliza was in this episode & I always get psyched about Happy Endings alum (RIP). This is where Danny started to annoy me but tbh I’ve been mad at him since DCIM Nutritionist.

The Bitch Is Back

  • H: The custom outfit Mindy wears back to work is the first thing that comes to mind! And Danny’s dumb ugly ass tattoo gesture that made Mindy not speak up about wanting to go back to work. Tamra slayed this episode for me & nothing else matters. OOH AND LACTATING IN JODY’S FACE!

Stay At Home MILF

  • H: I’m starting to think maybe I don’t pay attention to the plots and only remember outfits. I remember loving this episode, the jokes were fire & the mominista outfits on fleek (I’m sorry for using this I never will again). Ugh and then Allan had to go die.

Road Trip

  • H: Whenever I think about Road Trip, I remember the time I met Mindy because they were shooting it that same day. The plot was meh but it was pretty funny I think. And we all needed to see Morgan spa king Danny!

Look out for Speed Recaps Part 2, coming soon.