Alright Gothamites, in order to tell you about the greatness that is Rise of The Villains’ Midseason Finale, Natasja and I decided to split this bad boy of a review into two parts. The first part contains the main episode review, masterfully done by Nat’. This one though? This one is going to cover the handful of teasers and tidbits we got to see in the very last MINUTE of the episode.


Source: Fox Gotham Twitter

So! Let’s dive right in!

After Theo is killed, shockingly by Jim Gordon, we see him being rolled through the halls of Indian Hill’s creepy underground medical center. During a quick Camera pan of the area, we see a glimpse of what could potentially be Fish Moony, floating in what looks like some sort of cryogenic stasis tube. Next, the main Doctor mentions something about Professor Strange! Could she mean Hugo Strange, the very doctor who put Gotham through turmoil and genocide in the name of Raj Al Ghul and The League of Assassins? Me thinketh so.
Upon revealing Theo’s lifeless body to the audience, we’re shown the magical first signs of The Penguin’s signature calling card.

Finally, the scene changes and while still trying to digest all the teasers Gotham just crammed down our throats Penguin-Style, we watch a man running away in fear. He dives between a couple of dumpsters when a man approaches. Honest talk Y’all, I thought someone had gotten a hold of Firefly’s suit and gun. The similarities were ridonkulous. But when homeboy turned what should’ve been an extra crispy death on Dumpster-man, ICE came out! You guy know what that means right?!

It means the Freeze has come to town, and I ain’t talkin’ about Santa Claus.


Source Fox.Com/Gotham

That ending had me REELING with excitement, and it’s going to be a long winter without Gotham to keep me sane.

That’s all I have for this review, Go check out Natasja’s Gotham review to see her opinion on this episode! – Charlie