GIF Source: TGON

  1. Olivia should stay single for a while. She don’t need no man and whenever she has one around it only causes trouble for everyone.
  2. David Rosen and Elizabeth North need to stop hooking up. NOW. Especially before Susan Ross catches them.
  3. Susan Ross needs to stay pure and protected. What a poor little cinnamon roll.
  4. Cyrus and Rowan need to be locked in a room together. They can recite their annoying soliloquies to each other until they’re fresh out so we never have to hear another one again.
  5. Jake should work at P&A with NO romantic attachments to Olivia and NO homicidal tendencies creeping through his head. He, Quinn, and Huck have good scenes together. Especially when alcohol is involved.
  6. Abby deserves to rule everything. Honestly, she deserves it more than anyone else on this damn show.
  7. Fitz needs to stop thinking the world revolves around him. He needs to treat people (especially women) with respect.
  8. No Huckleberry Quinn.
  9. More Charlie.