With Archer already starting it’s new mini season on FXX (the second episode was way better than the premiere, so give it a chance) and American Dad on TBS only having two more hilarious new episodes currently scheduled (Mondays, April 24th and May 1st (seriously, don’t m8iss these they’ve had a hilarious season)), it was time for Fox to dust off its animated series and stop holding out on us.

We won’t be seeing a new Family Guy until April 30th, and we are there for it, but the BIG NEWS IS–

Courtesy of FOX

Bob’s Burgers is back in full force with TWO new episodes on Sunday, April 23rd, and third new episode of, April 30th. This is great news after a long stretch of no new content since the Easter episode at the beginning of the month (which is up on both Fox and Hulu!)
So dont miss all the good new episodes, but if you do we encourage you to go binge Bob’s Burgers with its same week Hulu posting, alriiiiight!

Source: Bob’s Burgers FOX