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Cicada ready to attack Team Flash. Photo courtesy of The Flickering Myth.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “Seeing Red” and Events That Occurred Prior

Let’s talk about Cicada. If this episode shows anything, it reveals just how uninteresting he is becoming—especially with the more pressing Nora/Thawne plot. It’s not that he’s a bad villain, he just isn’t holding up as an entire season’s villain—in fact his story probably should be wrapped up by now. I mean there is no reason why Team Flash wouldn’t have caught Cicada this time around. Not a single one—other than the writer’s needing to artificially draw out the conflict for more screen time. I don’t care that Flash’s anger needed to be stopped—the man was out cold. Someone on the scene would have logically worked on detaining him. Not just stand around and mope, watching Cicada once again recover and escape. It doesn’t seem like his story is coming to a close any time soon either, as we are introduced to a wider conspiracy thread when it comes to him and his nurse friend.

When it came to Barry himself, we got to see how angry he becomes when someone hurts his daughter. I find it hard to believe that this is the angriest he’s ever gotten with one of his villains (Thawne, Zoom, Savitar, etc…), but the writer’s efficiently showed how much Barry cares for Nora—even more so than he himself could have known. The best part, was seeing him come to the realization—even if the writer’s had to exaggerate things a tad.

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One of the better shots of The Flash in his new outfit. Photo courtesy of The Flickering Myth. Photo content from The Flash Season 5 “Seeing Red”.

To me the most interesting part of the episode was how Sherloque’s investigation started to  . Little pieces of intel were revealed while Sherloque continued to poke around, so much so that he caught Iris’ attention. Now I know why Iris would be hesitant about such accusations against her daughter. I understand it. But I still can’t help but roll my eyes that she still won’t be logical, even to the tiniest of a degree. She should at the very least entertain the questions without bursting into rage. After all they’ve been through, trusting a colleagues suspicions on someone’s unanswered questions should be the first thing they do. I mean did they not just learn this for the hundredth time a few episodes back with Caitlin’s father?

Speaking of Caitlin, her relationship and dynamic with Killer Frost was more fleshed out this week. The show has found an entertaining middle ground with how the two interact with both each other and the team. While it’s great that the writer’s aren’t giving up or throwing away Killer Frost and her potential, I still can’t help but cringe quite often in Caitlin and Frost’s scenes. Danielle Panabaker’s performance certainly doesn’t help things along. To be fair, maybe she shouldn’t take the brunt of the weight—the material given to her is also at fault. I’m happy that we only had to deal with the disagreement over the cure for two episodes. Really the whole conflict between the Caitlin and Frost could have been solved by the exact conversation that they had towards the end of the episode—just having said it sooner.

The Flsh 511 2

Frost Vs. Cicada. Photo courtesy of The Flickering Myth. Photo content from The Flash Season 5 “Seeing Red”.

Another week, another crawl towards advancing Cicada’s storyline. At least Team Flash have a better plan now—though I don’t think that curing Cicada’s daughter will instantly put him in check. I hope that the show does not try to balance the Cicada and Thawne storyline much longer, because it runs the likely risk of bringing the show down. Not only is the Thawne/Nora storyline more interesting, but it is more important and pressing to every single character on the show as well. Cicada will be forgotten in time, but anything Thawne does tends to be forever remembered.

Bonus Notes:

  • There’s really no logical reason why Cicada wouldn’t have killed Nora right then and there.
  • It’s funny how the show had to list off reasons why three different actors weren’t available for filming (Wally, Joe, and Cisco)
  • Speaking of Cisco, it was odd plot wise to have him sit out this week, especially with such a heavy focus on the Meta Cure on Caitlin’s End.
  • There wasn’t much room to mention Ralph, but I feel the need to say that the show has continued to better understand and utilize his character this season. Opposed to last season where he was all over the place.


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