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At the end of last week’s episode of You’re the Worst, Jimmy and Gretchen appeared to be on the road to separation. As Jimmy spent time with Nina, which Gretchen suffered from debilitating depression. This episode took a hopeful turn however. All might not be lost for Jimmy and Gretchen after all.

Starting immediately where we left off, Jimmy and Nina’s bar-top hook-up is interrupted after her frostbitten toes (skiing) kill the mood, and Nina has second thoughts about sex on her bar. Instead, the two decide to meet later for a trip to Nina’s cabin.

When he arrives back home, Jimmy is surprised to find Gretchen curled up in a ball on the couch, unable to communicate except via text message. Since he can’t get through to her, Jimmy calls in re-inforcements, texting everyone in her phone’s contact list. A montage follows, of everyone from Sam to Lindsay and from Henry Rollins to Gretchen’s wreck of a friend, Cory, intervening to try to get through to her. It doesn’t work. After everyone leaves Jimmy asks Gretchen to explain what she’s going through. In a heartbreaking scene she tells him that she feels like she’s been “scraped out”, that she doesn’t deserve Jimmy and that he should not be content to stay with her. And so he goes. But he only gets as far as the driveway, as he realizes immediately that he should stay. When Nina arrives, he hides in the bushes while she furiously texts him. When Nina demands a response, he texts back a line from Lindsay and Sam’s dis track: “new phone, who ‘dis”.

The end of the episode is heartbreakingly beautiful. Jimmy returns to Gretchen, building a fort in their living room and waiting with her while she sleeps. When she wakes to find he is still there, she begins to sob. “You stayed,” she says as Jimmy holds her.

She finally feels something!

Elsewhere, Edgar and Dorothy continue to go strong. After Jimmy fails to show up for Edgar’s improv show, Edgar realizes that Jimmy sees him as nothing more than a “freeloading veteran with perfect features.” Anxious to move on with his life, edgar proposes that he and Dorothy move in together when she explains she has to move out of her apartment.

Finally, Lindsay is on an apology tour after her brush with death in the last episode. This takes her to Paul and Amy. She signs the divorce papers and wishes them luck with their relationship… then she promptly vomits. Remember that turkey baster incident from the beginning of the season? Yep, it looks like Lindsay’s pregnant with Paul’s baby.

Favorite One Liners:

Mom took away my Tomigatchi! – Becca

Am I gonna be an aunt or an uncle? – Lindsay

I’m sorry that during the Rock of Love auditions, I called you the poor man’s Isla Fisher. – LIndsay

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