Jenny lives! Just about anyway!
She’s still captured by Pandora and the hooded stranger and it seems him and
Pandora are very close as she refers to him as ‘my love’. Meanwhile, Reynolds
and Agent Foster question Abbie and demand to know where Jenny is even though
Abbie has no idea herself and she realises she’ll be in trouble with her job
after all of this is over. When Abbie, Ichabod and Crane go searching for Jenny
back in the woods they see her with Pandora and the stranger just as they
mysteriously disappear. Ichabod recognises the stranger whom he describes as
being deformed and mummified and he tells Abbie and Joe that he thinks that he
is, in fact, an ancient God.

With that said, we
finally figure out why Pandora has been causing so much havoc and evil and it
turns out the God, whose name is the Hidden One is also Pandora’s husband. The
Hidden One gets all his strength and power from (you guessed it!) the shard
which also turns out to be the All Seeing Eye. In other words, the Hidden One needs
Jenny because she absorbed the power of the gem in the previous episode. In
another flashback, we also find out more about the history of the shard and the
gem. It all seems like pretty bad news for Jenny but it makes Team Witness even
more set on finding a way to save Jenny before it’s too late. Diving even
further into mythology, the Witnesses realise that the All-Seeing-Eye is the
same one which can be seen on American dollar bills.



A lot is at stake for Team
Witness in this episode. Abbie’s job is at risk, Joe risks losing Jenny after
they only JUST got together (isn’t that just typical) and Ichabod doesn’t want
to see history repeat itself again. In a flashback, we see more of Ichabod’s
past and a meeting with Paul Revere whom is an important historical character
for this episode.

One of the strongest and most
emotional scenes in this episode happens when Abbie sacrifices her career and
hands in her FBI badge to Reynolds so that she can save her sister without
having to explain to Reynolds what’s truly going on.

Towards the end of the episode,
Abbe, Ichabod and Joe find Pandora’s layer and they find that the Hidden One
has had most of his power restored. Abbie finds Jenny who tells Abbie that she
has no time and that she has to get out of there but Abbie swears to Jenny she’s
never leaving her again. When Abbie manages to pull the power of the gem from
Jenny and back into the Shard, she realises she has too much unstable power in
her hands and the only way to save Jenny and everyone else is to sacrifice
herself so whilst Ichabod and Pandora fight over the box, and Joe is being
strangled by the Hidden One, Abbie throws herself into Pandora’s tree and the
shard explodes, destroying Pandora’s Box with it.

Whilst I liked this episode, it wasn’t as good or as strong as the previous two seasons mid-series finales. The main problem I had with this
episode is the fact is that I didn’t find the Hidden One all that terrifying as a deity. They could have made him a lot scarier and it still didn’t really make sense as to why Pandora kept throwing all this rather random evil at Ichabod and Abbie. They could have explained that a lot better because it didn’t feel justified. Nevertheless, I did enjoy this episode and it was quite intense and a lot of personal dilemmas. I hope the second half of the season picks up and I definitely don’t want Sleepy Hollow to get cancelled, it still has a lot of potential, I just think the writer’s needs to get their butts in gear.

Either way, I’m bummed I have to wait until after Christmas to watch the rest.