I was told we would have cake. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

This episode dives back to the crazy that it left off on last week. Felicity and the Calculator are trying to get control of Rubicon, stop all the nukes, and they have only twenty four hours to pull it off. Oliver and Diggle head off to try to find Thea or Thea’s last where about. Oliver Lance is staying at the Arrow headquarters to keep an eye on everything as an extra set of eyes. Curtis heads over to Felicity’s house to help as well. Following along with this group, the three of them try to get control of Rubicon to stop the nukes. However Damian finds someone from Felicity’s past to try to stop her online, his name is Curtis and he is a former boyfriend. Every time they were able to break through a fire wall more popped up. Curtis was winning the battle until he sent electrical charges to Felicity apartment. After some quick thinking between Felicity and her dad, they figured out they could harness and volley the surgical energy back at him, which they did and put him out of the way. With him out of the way they were able to get Rubicon offline and in control. Felicity found out some truths as her parents were arguing and being nasty. The whole time she thought her dad left, when it fact it was her mom who took her and left him.

On the other battle front, after Arrow and Diggle left to go find Thea, it took some searching to find something out of the ordinary in the streets that they last had a track of Thea, which in this case was a sewer. When they went down Felicity lost track of them, they went under ground into the dome atmosphere that Damian created. They go hunt to find Thea, they track her down tied up in a house, but she has been brainwashed by a pill and attacks and pulls a gun on Oliver. Malcolm comes to but Diggle comes and shoots at them and Thea and Malcolm are able to escape. Oliver and Diggle are in a huge fight with members of HIVE after some people rat them out while they go look for Thea. Diggle tells Oliver to go and find Thea and he will continue to fight off the HIVE. Oliver is able to talk sense into Thea so she snaps out of it.

Anarky is still in the dome creating problems and trying to destroy everything that Damian has built. He has captured Damian’s wife and daughter, he is set to blow up the entire dome. He hacks the feeds and says he will kill one of them in twenty minutes. Oliver and company go to try to stop the situation. During the battle an explosion happens and the wife is hurt and captured under some rubble. Oliver goes to her and she asks that her daughter be saved.

Damian sees that the explosion happened, doesn’t exactly know what is going on, so he leaves his hideout and goes to Felicity to raise hell. You can see he is very upset and looks to have transformed even more.