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Hey guys! Welcome back to TGON Plays! Because I’m now the proud, and an exceedingly broke owner of an Xbox One, I thought I’d bring you all reviews of the latest and greatest games on the market, over the course of the next few weeks.

With that being said, this week’s review is over Black Ops 3. In Black Ops 3, as per usual, you have the option of playing in 3 different formats: The Campaign, where you follow the storyline, the multiplayer mode, where you can play different game modes online with friends, and Zombies, where you attempt to survive an endless onslaught from the undead.

The campaign gives us a unique-to-Call Of Duty set up that allows you to customize your character…to an extent at least. The storyline itself is absolutely fascinating, but be warned it can be extremely hard to watch! (If you’re queasy or don’t like the sight of blood…you might wanna choose to turn off graphic content.) There’s a reason you have to be 18 or older to buy this game. Upon starting the game, ou go through the familiar motions of choosing a difficulty. What’s new about this is that they’ve added a “realistic” setting that offers a brutal and unforgiving gameplay. It perked my interest, so naturally I started under that setting. The difference didn’t seem like much at first, until I hit onto the first real moments of combat. You ever heard of One-Shot-One-Kill? That’s the basics for a Realistic setting. One hit marker means death for you, and a respawn at the last checkpoint. The campaign also brought in the concept of Cyber genetic Human Enhancements that allow the player to run across walls and control technology-based machines like turrets, all with their mind. It’s thrilling and incredibly entertaining.

The Zombies mode, in my personal opinion, leaves something to be desired, and tries to take up on a storyline of its own. I’m not really impressed by it, and don’t see myself playing much of this mode in the future. Also, the zombies sound like angry cows…just saying.

And finally we’ve reached the entire reason I actually purchased this game…Multiplayer mode! After getting started, I discovered that I really loved the multiplayer set up, the new perks, and the weapons options. The “Create A Class” segment is easy to follow and gives easy access to the desired weapons set up. The maps are bright, colorful, and gorgeous, and offer a gameplay that can make the player’s cyber-enhancements a strength or a weakness, depending on the map. However, the most talked about map since the game’s debut HAS to be NUK3TOWN. if you haven’t seen the Easter egg videos surrounding this map yet, prepare your booty because it’s a magical ride. At the moment there are two different Easter eggs you can do, so pay attention because detail is everything. Now, through out NUK3TOWN there are a handful of mannequins on display. If you go through and shoot the heads off of each mannequin in under 2 minutes, the robots will swarm you in this…crazy zombie-robot style. Be warned, the zombie-robots are endless, so if you want to just go at it with a few friends and take on a horde of zombies, be my guest.


The second Easter egg on NUK3TOWN is somewhat similar to the first. You go through the map, but instead of shooting the heads off, you shoot the arms off of the mannequins, again in under 2 minutes. Keep in mind it has to be at the shoulder, so that the entire arm detaches. This will cause the mannequins to act in a “Freeze Frame.” If you’re looking at them, they won’t move. if you turn your back they’ll swarm and try to kill you. Have you ever seen Doctor Who? Because it’s some straight up Weeping Angels level shit.