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Jane the Virgin Chapter 28

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Maybe it’s because of the abundance of Jane and Rafael, but I really enjoyed last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin. I have never seen an episode of anything that has taken so many time jumps. How far did we end up going in advance? Four months? And SO MUCH happened. In lieu of writing a traditional recap, I’m gonna go ahead and try to list the important stuff. Let me know if I left anything out.

  •  Michael and Nadine went down to Mexico to find some more dirt on Sin Rostro, because he blames her for his separation from Jane.
  • The Passions of Santos ENDED. And Luciana stole Rogelio’s cast and crew. He then thought it would be a good idea to create a telenovela version of Mad Men. Oy Vey.
  • Jane started Grad School, which has literally been THE WORST. What an unwelcoming atmosphere. How is that supposed to help you become a better writer? (oh and also, I’ve heard that her professor may become a love interest, and all I can say to that is HELL NO.)
  • Jane and Rafael started off a little rocky, due to the fact that Michael punched Rafael and blamed him for something he didn’t do, and Jane just stood there and let it all happen.
  • While trying to work out custody and money, Jane found out that Mateo’s trust fund would be about 40 million. Which really freaked her out, and threw another wrench in their relationship. Once again, Jane is so judgmental of Rafael and his money—which is unfair.
  • Because Jane was so busy writing all the time for her class, she left Mateo on his back too much, which misshaped the back of his head. He had to get a cute little helmet to wear for 3 months.
  • Rafael started going to baby music class in Jane’s place and bonded with Jill, a single mother in the class. They had a “connection”, which irked both me and Jane out, of course. But that didn’t stop them from dating for a month.
  • Petra had her first sonogram with Milos and Rafael, which showed she is having twins. YEP, TWINS. But wait a second, twins don’t run in either of their families…you know whose family twins does run in though?? The Zazos. Yeah, I said it (credit for this theory goes to my cousin).
  • Petra’s mother also got out of jail, and was blasted while throwing Milos’ grenades off a boat. Now she has a hook, an eye patch, and a peg leg. Jk. No peg leg.
  • It looks like she won’t be out of jail for long though, because she just stabbed a man in the neck with her hook.
  • Let’s hope this negative energy doesn’t affect Petra though, because she’s seeing a therapist and working on herself.
  • Rogelio’s Mad Men spinoff has hit dead end after dead end, the most recent setback was a cease and desist from the creator of the original show.
  • Jane and Rafael grew closer and closer as the episode went on. He saw her sick and cranky and decided that he’s still rather be with her at her worst than with anybody else (AWWWW), so they’re going on a date soon.
  • But Michael’s back in town, so probably not.
  • Oh, and Jane’s shitty writer “friend” is writing a story called “The Curse of the Solanos”, which was unknowingly inspired by Jane. So I’m sure that will be great for their relationship too.

PHEW. Did I get most of it? I think so!  Take a deep breath; take it all in.

GIF Source: TGON

The next episode focuses on black Friday shopping at Target, and Target is the most magical place on earth, so that will be fun. See you next time!

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