Source: The Librarians Twitter

Remember Sunnydale High? And how nobody found it weird that evil creatures popped out of the Hellmouth and did some typical monster stuff?

Via the Unusually Uninteresting Sight, this episode of The Librarians throws the team on the campus of a university that is the centre for unusual, magical, events. But around here, they’re totally normal. After all, 1 in 5 students disappear and un-enroll overnight and are never seen again…(totally normal).

The Librarians begin their investigation when Stone notices significant magical symbols incorporated into the architecture. Conveniently, the most prestigious scholar with respect to colonial architecture is a professor at the university, and Stone goes for a consultation. We get a glimpse of Stone’s undeniably boyish geeky character, he’s been following the professor’s work for ages, and admires him until he finds out the Professor doesn’t believe in magic. Suddenly, a rift opens in midair and snatches the Prof, away.

The best moment of the entire show is when the Professor and Stone are in a heated argument, and stone is called a “dillitante”. To which Baird responds “Isn’t this the moment when you slap him with your glove?”. Oh Baird.

Later Jenkins explains that this monster feeds on hubris, excessive pride, which is why the professor was targeted. Let’s analyze this monster for historical relevance, shall we? We only see its tentacles, which are huge and purple, and reminiscent of a sea-monster. The fact that it feeds on hubris undeniably points to the famous Kraken of Greek mythology. The Kraken attacked Andromeda, as a result of her mother’s hubris. When this hit me, I almost fell out of my chair. These writers are incredible for providing just enough information to let the audience connect the dots by ourselves.



Cassandra makes a questionable choice, to go after one of the victims of the monster, which turns out well for everyone involved. This triggers a visit from three mysterious women who present themselves as The Lake and ask Cass to join them in their magical studies. Cassandra denies them. For now, she’s happy as a Librarian. Her character undergoes a lot of development this week. Jenkins weighs in and reminds Cassandra to be careful as The Lake takes an opposing stand on magic then The Librarians. Which, of course, alludes to some yet undiscovered plot between Galahad and The Lady of the Lake. We’ve got a lot to look forward to, folks.

So what do you guys think?

Is Cassandra’s newfound stubbornness a blessing or a curse?

What went on with Jenkins and The Lake?

How much do you wish you could’ve been in that class Stone hijacked?