The Doctor’s Trip onto a fairy tale



The Forest of Night is the first episode of season 8  that gave me mix feelings. The TARDIS has found itself in what seems to be a large forest that is covering the earth. I already had a feeling we might be in for a eco-friendly story for the Doctor. However I was quite surprised to see the fairy tale element in this episode. The fact that the problem was nature and not being tech base, caused the Doctor to really have to challenge himself to solve the origins of the forest. It took things back to basic with the Doctor using his smarts and wits.

I really enjoyed the child actors in this story and Mr. Pink. They were written pretty well and I found my self impressed with the Clara’s student, Maebh. I thought she worked very well off the Doctor and his persona. However I thought they could have gone in much deeper with Maebh backstory and felt it was a bit rush. However I enjoyed her screentime with The Doctor. Maebh brought in the fairy tale element smoothly without it feeling out of place. I enjoy the nod of Red Riding Hood and the wolf, as well as being able to hear  things that The Doctor can’t. The Doctor goes on to say that those who have lost something can see and hear things many cant as they try to fill in their void. Which was some of the best lines out of this season.

However the problem came when it seemed that there was a threat at all. There was little to no tension with the ending which made it seem rushed and out of place. The Doctor finds the problem but it was quickly solved without him showing what was really at risk. But the ending could have been affected to off the fairy tale setting. The writing did save this lackluster episode with great lines from not only Clara but her class.


Source: Doctor Who // BBC America

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