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One very important question ran through my mind throughout last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin? Did Rogelio’s friendship help Britney Spears out of her dark period? Because it sounds like they were besties around the time Circus came out. Sounds like she should be thanking him, not giving him a restraining order! Then again, anyone who alerts TMZ on themselves (*ahem*Miley*ahem*) is pretty despicable. So they both did wrong here. But I’ve also gotta wonder where BritBrit’s Oscar worthy acting we saw in Crossroads was during this episode? She just looked like she was going to laugh the whole time. But how could she not when most of her scenes were with Jamie Camill? #Rogelifantilidie

I was kind of nervous that something would happen that would keep Alba from being able to get her green card (and maybe something still will—this is Jane the Virgin, after all), but it was nice to see that Villanueva ladies overcame their first obstacle. What was their first obstacle you ask? Xo’s ex-boyfriend, who got her to take on a felony charge for him. Who would’ve thought that chocolate bar he gave Jane would actually work against him? And can I just say all of the Jon Snow references really just filled my heart with gladness.
Petra is the crown jewel of character development on this show. She started off a wicked witch and I wanted her to fall off the face of the earth. Now, I actually like her—as long as she stays away from Raf. As crazy as she is, I wouldn’t actually mind a friendship between her and Jane. I think she’s pretty strong, so I’m not worried about her the way Jane and Rafael are, but I do wonder what Milos is planning to do with all of those hand grenades…

Okay that’s it see you next time!

Just kidding.

Michael fans, as much as it pains me to say this, I wouldn’t climb into a pit of despair just yet. Jane picked him. Like, she definitely was over-the-moon-heart-glowing-red-in-love with Michael. Damnit. The only reason she turned him down was because Rafael does really bring out the worst in him, and that’s too dangerous for Mateo. So, it’s not over between them; I’d say it’s just on hold until Michael can work out his demons. And he DOES have them. I saw some tweets where people thought that the writers had to “turn Michael into a monster” just to keep her from picking him, but the truth is, that “monster” was always there…if you even want to call it that. Rafael was right, Michael is shady sometimes, and he really HATES him (Raf). And it’s hard for him to be civil about it (obviously). And Jane is influenced by Michael, so I think his hate for Rafael changes her feelings for him (obviously). There is some MAJOR drama to work out here. MAJOR DRAMA. I’m clearly still team Rafael, for many reasons. And I still think that there’s a chance for them once she distances herself from Michael’s negativity, but I’ve read in a few different places that the triangle will be put on the back burner for a little bit.