We still have another week before our show returns.  As I promised last week, here is the rest of the list of projects the “Originals” cast already has lined up!

Christina Marie Moses (Keelin) 

Keelin is certainly moving up in the world!  Next on her agenda, Moses will be seen in a TV series called “A Million Little Things.”  Already, the show is being compared to the crazy popular “This is Us.”  Focusing on a group of friends, these guys realize they need to live their lives differently when one of their numbers dies.  Moses will play Regina.

Bonus: Starring alongside Moses will be Grace Park (Kono from “Hawaii 5.0) and David Giuntoli, who played Nick in “Grimm”).

Summer Fontana (Young Hope) 

Of anyone on this list, it is probably Summer Fontana who is moving up the fastest.  Not only is she going from a TV series to a full movie, but she’s breaking into the Marvel world too!  Yes, she’s going to be playing young Jean Gray/Phoenix in the 2019 movie “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.”

Bonus: Summer Fontana might have had the chance to meet dragons in the “Originals,” but in “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” she’ll be playing the younger version of an actor that knows dragons all too well.  That’s right!  The older version of Jean Gray will be played by Sophia Turner, known to most Game of Thrones fans as Sansa Stark!

Torrance Coombs 

Speaking of actors going from TV series’ to the big screen, Torrance Coombs is also moving up in the world.  Many fans first saw his amazing eyes on the other CW show “Reign,” and now we know him as Declan on “Originals.”  Once filming closes on this season, he’ll be moving onto a film called “Around Robin.”  It is a bit of a thriller and looks even a bit twisty!

Bonus: Fans of “Reign” should be particularly excited for “Around Robin.”  After all, one of Coombs fellow cast-mates in the movie will be Ann Pirvu, otherwise known as Nicole from “Reign!”

And that’s it!  Hope you’ve found something to get excited about!  See you next time for an actual episode review!