No, the devil definitely does not deserve a second chance. And neither does Rowan. Let’s hope we don’t have to add Olivia to that list soon.


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This week I’m not even mad I’m just impressed. All of the sudden, Olivia has become a villain. Last week I thought I was mad just because she was being so wishy-washy, but this week I learned that maybe she doesn’t really care about love—maybe all she cares about is power. Cyrus is right; she does have the Oval; she is the puppet master behind the most powerful man in the world. I am honestly pretty excited about this plot twist; I kind of think it will reinvigorate the show. As much as I hate Rowan, how interesting will it be to see his daughter (who we thought was the complete opposite of him) slowly turn into him? How many shows have the protagonist negatively develop into an antagonist? And so slowly that the viewer barely even realizes that it’s happening?

I hope that something happens to snap her out of this downward spiral. Even though I love Olitz, it’s possible he’s to blame: he’s so whipped that he’ll listen to anything she says, and that power has really gone to her head. Maybe when he finds out that she’s partly responsible for releasing Rowan and Tom Larson he’ll wise up. It would also be cool if Abby were to pull her back in, because what’s better than one best friend saving another? NOTHING. #friendship.
Now let’s talk a little about Elizabeth North who is randomly one of my favorite characters. I know what you’re thinking: “but I thought you hated those power hungry politics?” I do, but I respect that Liz is like “this is me, take it or leave it.” She’s not hiding her shadiness. And while I definitely don’t like her with David (especially since it’s setting up for a Susan Ross heartbreak, I’m glad she’s back in the White House; she and Abby made a good team.

Final Thoughts:

-Damn Alan Matthews, I guess you didn’t practice what you preached on Boy Meets World. Shame on You!
-I love whenever Jake and Fitz are working together. I wish they could be besties, but there’s a big Olivia shaped wedge between them.
-Where was Mellie this week?
-And where in the world is Rowan?