So TBBT has moved to Thursdays, but the Shamy torture continues.  Let me back up.  It all starts when Sheldon gets an email from Will Wheaton asking him if he is interested in Adam Nemoy’s “Spockumentary ” about his father, the late Leonard Nemoy.  Sheldon obviously agrees.  As Adam interviews him, Sheldon retrieves the napkin Penny gave him that Nemoy signed (and blew his nose on) from his wall safe.  More interested about what’s in the wall safe (and why they also have a floor safe and an Aqua Man security camera), Penny asks what’s in it.  Sheldon shows her his passport, a miniature Will Wheaton figurine, an actual signed paper will, and his family engagement ring he has going to give to Amy!

Shocked and astounded, Penny pressures him to explain himself, but Sheldon, still not over his break up, snaps at her.  As the interview continues, Sheldon talks about how his admiration for Spock and how rational and emotionless he was.  He also states that he tries to be as emotionless as possible, like Spock.  Penny interjects, pointing out that Spock is also half human (just like Sheldon, Leonard points out), and that even he has feelings, like Sheldon not getting over Amy.  In response to Penny brilliant (and quite nerdy) point, Sheldon has a hissy fit and stomps to his room.  After some time, Sheldon reappears and state there is only one way to fix this, he is going to propose to Amy!  My heart literally had butterflies in it that is until I (and Sheldon) saw Amy kissing another man.  And the torture continues!  Sad face 🙁

On another note, Bernadette wants to redecorate the house.  Howard, growing up in the house, object.  They finally make a compromise by just decorating the dining room.  With Bernadette’s dad’s help, they start redecorating.  As her dad and Howard are in the crawl space underneath the dining room, Bernie overhears them talking about the possibility of having kids.  It turns out that Bernadette lied to her Dad, saying that she wanted kids, but Howard didn’t. In actuality, it turned out to be the other way around.  After confessing to her dad and Howard, she promises that she would consider one day having kids.  Yay, I would love to see mini Howard.

All in all, I am really getting sick of these episodes, mostly because they are playing out this Shamy break up way to long.  I think we get it by now, next topic!  Until next time nerds!