Greetings fellow Bob’s Burgers fans, some of you may know this weeks episode, “The Helen Hunt” (episode 12 of season 9), will be the last till February so we hope you enjoyed it. With that being said, let us discuss an episode full of mystery and missed connections.

Bobs Burgers (The Helen Hunt 1)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

If the title didn’t give it away, Helen makes her second appearance in the series after an ominous let out for her introduction. Helen was married to the late Larry Goodwin and several hints point to her intentionally causing his fatal accident. Due to his untimely demise, Helen inherited a large sum of money and assets.

The episode starts off with The Belcher family inquiring about Teddy’s recent absence as he is prone to frequently consume their burgers (there was even a whole episode about it). Teddy admits that he has recently been helping Helen look for an old Japanese antique she believes was hidden by her late husband. After some discussion, the group decides to shift their efforts into searching an old apartment building they believe could hold the artifact.

The characters decide that splitting into separate groups would offer them the highest chances of finding what they are looking for. In a twist, a new character, Kathleen, is introduced as one of the tenants and this is where the story gets interesting. Tina has always been one to meddle in all things love related and soon sets her sights on this woman to be a love match for Teddy as they share quirks and mannerisms. The Belcher women begin to argue what would be in Teddy’s best interest as both potential matches offer pros and cons. At first, its anyone’s guess as who is the better couple but then opinions shift when Helen makes an appearance.

While the ladies (and Teddy) are dealing with the drama, Bob and Gene make a rare father, son segment. Originally, the plan was for everyone to subtly look for the antique in peoples apartments by claiming to be with maintenance but this ended up tying the two Belcher boys to one place most of the episode. Its rare to see just the two of them considering how different they are but when them come together its an entertaining few minutes.

Bobs Burgers (The Helen Hunt 2)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

During Helen’s last bit of screen time she seemed to be a friendly person (aside from being a murder suspect) but throughout the episode she displayed more selfish and unappealing traits. Helen’s final act of cruelty was when she was willing to let Teddy get hurt in order for her to secure the antique.

Seeing Helen for the heartless person that she is, Teddy finally gets over his crush on her and everyone convenes for a heart warming end to the episode.

We thought it was a little weird to have this be Helen’s second appearance considering how her last episode ended. Long-time audiences probably had that episode in mind throughout this one so it could have been a positive or a negative, depending on the individuals perspective. Hopefully, this wont be the last we see of Helen as we are sure the fans want to see how her story ties up based on her terrible past. Kathleen would also be an interesting character to continue developing as Teddy is a popular character himself so this could allow multiple opportunities for future episodes (like with Gayle and Mr. Frond). Overall this segment of the show was interesting mainly because it opened the door for more drama/ comedy for succeeding installments.

Thank you all for reading and we hope the new year is treating you well. Please leave a like and a comment of your opinions regarding the show.